Please do away with allied race unlocks


So how comes we didnt have to work for other races in classic after we picked our first one ? same with tbc/wotlk/cata/mop/wod/legion until 7.3.5

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Quite simple. As I’ve pointed out before. You are ignoring the word “Allied”


Not ignoreing anything they are a race and ive earnt them all already soon as they came out i could use them .
But i can see for new and returning players its a problem as always blizz supporters refuse to see the whole picture outside the box .


Threads and your own research? I don’t wanna sidetrack too hard off topic, but that data doesn’t seem overly credible. I assume since there are no real other methods your research happened through the forums as well. The forums are a biased segment of the player base, most people never even touch it. Those on the forums are more likely to be involved with the game to a greater depth. You see how that would taint the purity of data gained through this source alone, and therefore any conclusions from said data, right? Drawing conclusions from Blizzard’s data would be meaningful, this isn’t even necessarily a credible approximation. (Especially since the people who are playing a single toon would be less likely to visit the forums/related social media by default as they’re either less invested or have less time on their hands to do so.)

At this point I think you’re being intellectually dishonest with me. When humans are a factor purely mathematical conclusions don’t help too much. You’re also presenting that “purely mathematical conclusion” from an angle that favors your argument. You’re treating game hours played as the main factor, whereas time-gating’s issue is generated in IRL time passed not in-game. Let’s say you could unlock these races in a mere 10 minutes of gameplay. But those 10 minutes were stretched over half a year. Do you see the problem with saying they take a mere 10 minutes to unlock? While that is technically true when measured in-game the real measurement would be vastly greater.

You also keep mentioning the HM tauren, which are an exception amongst the allied races, a statistical anomaly, Also probably amongst the least desired ones as they have the least difference to offer besides Lightforged Draenei. (They have slight appearance changes and are featured on the same side as their originals, that’s what makes their desirability lower.)

While I think you’re well mannered, and aim to present your perspective in a factual manner, those facts are skewed in reality, and I think it’s worth reflecting upon this subject in a less factual manner as well. Is there really enough gain from the method of acquiring these races, that the method is good itself. Shouldn’t a game’s utmost goal be to provide entertainment to the masses? Is the time-gating element truly adding anything extra? I think it’s fairly easy to look across threads concerning AR-s and say the current method has a bit too many flaws to be called reasonable. My main gripe is still lost and meaningless progression. Which is not a problem if you want these races as alts, of course, only if you want to main them.

P.S. : Sorry for the wall of text, couldn’t really compress this any better if I didn’t mean to leave out parts I find important.

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Oh I can see the big picture. The point is while they are still current content, you have to work for them. Sorry, but that is “tough love”, as the phase goes. They may very well reduce the requirements in later expansions, but for now, while they are current the restrictions apply.

You can complain all you want about the requirements, but at the end of the day it’s Blizzards decision and they made it quite clear up-front what those requirements were going to be.

Those who want the requirements removed, in the current expansion, where the races are current, are effectively saying that the effort you, as you have admitted, and me and many, many others have put in means nothing as they want them “for free”, they don’t want to put the effort in.


Your missing the point races should never be locked behind rep like a mount its a stupid idea imho i couldnt care less if others got it free if they bought in more players to make friends with and play with.

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@Seríssa: I am familiar with that video (and the site that is used), too. But if you listened carefully to it, you notice something of major importance. US has a larger active player base than EU does, so the result in the video is obviously faulty. It is also worth noting that I posted on this video earlier as well. My view has not changed… WCR coverage is still sadly very weak for most servers… but the figures right now look like this:

498 617 EU active characters with only 26 green entries.
492 317 US active characters with only 12 green entries.

For reliable across the board numbers, there should be 494 green EU entries and 492 US entries on those tables…

Since WCR relies on player submissions for its’ data, the numbers on WCR are far below the actual ones for any realm and faction that is not available, red or yellow… and even green entries are just lower limits, because WCR has to rely on the Blizzard API, which does not return any data at levels 1 to 19.

Then an example of a faction with green data level on WCR vs WRP:

58 212 alliance Silvermoon, past 30 days, levels 20 to 120 only (WCR).
25 776 alliance Silvermoon, past 14 days, levels 10 to 120 only (WRP).

Then the second note (WRP):

EU 1 370 363 active characters
US 1 091 799 active characters

Now, because we know, based on the examination of the rare green WCR entries vs the WRP numbers that a typical WCR entry is more than double that of WRP we get the following conclusion: If WRP used a 30 period, too, we would need to more than double the numbers directly above… Which leaves us with…

The probable number of active EU characters exceeds 2,74 million and the probable number of active US characters exceeds 2,18 million. Now, because we know from the WCR data reliability difference that US has more actives than EU we end with the following… EU and US total a minimum of 5,48 million active characters over the past 30 days at level 10 or above.

I did allow the forum to impact the results to my DISADVANTAGE. The (admittedly limited) research I made on my own suggested a ratio of about 2,8 to 3,1 level 20+ characters over 14 days. Under the insistance of certain posters, I used a ratio of 3,5 instead.

The above is important here, too… using my ratio 1 957 143 accounts minimum, using the forum imposed ratio… 1 565 714 accounts minimum (for US+EU only). So, IF the forum people are correct, my conclusion is overtly optimistic. I have not run the other calculation method that I have found to be more in line with the WCR data in a while. I probably should, for additional comparison purposes, but right now I think I should get some sleep, it is 01:48 here…

Quick additional note before I go to sleep…

True, I admitted that (several times even), true and true. They are the least active race according to WCR stats (limited), falling behind even both the alliance and horde pandaren by a couple of thousand entries.

But now sleep, I will return after some sleep, food, etc. :smiley:

@All: Good night for now! :slight_smile:


Have a good night’s rest friend. Ready to hear your input on the non statistical side of the matter, we all be humans after all, ain’t we? (A 2.x number seems more realistic in that manner, but even then it’s an average, some people might use 10+ and to bring that down to 2 on average you’d need 8 players who play only one, since zero means they are not part of the statistics even 3.5 would mean the average player uses 1-2 toons [average as in most common].)

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By your twisted logic you lazy … … it can by applied on everything you want and do not want to put any work/effort to achieve it simple as that.

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You’re making an assumption that all threatened to quit, when they clearly didn’t. Bringing that figure in is completely pointless!

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@Zalren: Due to the criteria I had to set, there actually was a statistical outlier, a player, who was active, but only playing under level 10 at that time. So I did register one active 0 in terms of my research… :smiley: But as said, that sort of thing is an exception and a rare one at that, not a rule.

I did not sleep well due to head and stomach aches. Breakfast time soonish, I hope it stays in. While I wait for it, I am going to work on that other calculation method I mentioned last night… I will post more after I have gotten some food in me and finished that method…

@All: I hope you are having a better morning than I am!


Just like your posts to me . Some threatend and alot quir 1st quater wod 3.7 so yet again your point and an attacks on me are moot.
People do carry on there threats but you are to much of a blizzard supporter to see that.

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You post a lot of numbers Trelw, but you forget the two most important ones when it comes to rep grinds, which are millions, and 100%.

Millions of dollars taken from players in return for this trash rep grinding “gameplay”.
100% boring.


and 415 itlv gear shouldnt be locked behind having to do mythic raiding if we go along with your “logic”

because everyone who wants it should be able to get it instantly .

allied races are reward - want it ? work for it .

if you cba to work for it you dont deserve it simple like this.

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Grinding is part of the game so to claim youre not playing when grinding is false
Everything in this game is grinding
Is doing dungeons/raids not just grinding Gear?
Is doing raids not grinding Gear?
Is doing PVP not grinding honour/conquest?
Is pet Battles not Just a Pokémon grind?
Arent professions just mat grinds?

Everytime you remove a grind you remove content and the game loses that much more soul
Work for nothing, Just stand in the way of the meaningless confetti canon reward system in which its possible to get a hc raid Gear item for being AFK for 15 minutes in an instanced darkshore and all forms of loot come from a lootbox system (random gear from a box)

The new ARs are for reps that have been out since launch, you couldve gotten them to exalted by just using table missions right now

People with this attitude have already destroyed the meaning behind Gear progression, stop trying to ruin the things most people are still clinging on to, its fine to have to work on something and reps are literally WQ farming

If you never have the time to do an emmisery every now and then why are you even playing?

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And what if I don’t play both factions but would like to try out the Alliance but would like to play a dark iron or KT?


You see what race im posting on and did you read my post at all before going off on a foaming mouth inane rant? No dont think you did.
And you can get mythic 415 gear without doing mythic raid your whole post is drivel simple waste of forum space.

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I do emmisary chest once every 3 days, takes about 20 minutes do to all 3 of them.
Unlocked allied races with no effort at all but i suppose poeple will always find a reason to whine.


The problem is not having to grind, it’s how you can grind.
Endless repetition of WQ, timegated, and there is no other option available.

I’m sure that if they made a proper questline to unlock the fat humans instead of that joke “fly from A to B and then repeat” they made to complete the unlock after the rep, everything would have been fine.


Can we stop using the same old straw man about mythic gear and race equivalency? Or are you only interested in being right and not in an actual honest discussion? I have quite a few posts in this topic, many of them explaining the problem with races specifically being locked behind these type of grinds. Are you people actually not interested in finding a way that benefits all people not just you? I have also said before how it’s not a great argument to say they naturally unlock while you play. They require a max level toon doing a specific task, that’s not natural, sure if you don’t want to main them, just use them as an alt, its not an issue for you. But creating a throwaway toon and slaving away for weeks just so you can actually create the toon you want to play is not a healthy RPG design. It creates frustration for players in the form of lost/meaningless progression.

Try and put yourself in their shoes. Nobody has issues with grinds in an mmo if they can do it on a toon they care about and not one that’s never going to be used again when done.