Please do away with allied race unlocks


Hope u get well soon .sending hugs ur way :hugs:


That seems quite a reasonable. Suggestion.

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@Meowstealth: blushes heavily Thank you! Still not well, but a bit better at least. Also glad to see that you have gotten started with your unlocks as discussed in the other thread. :slight_smile: cheers

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You know whats funny about this point: There are quite a few people who have unlocked the races and still argue for the removal of the requirements. We don’t want anything for free, we simply don’t think everyone should have to be forced the entire process, not for a race. No one is talking about anything else, no loot, no racial armors nothing…

Also I really liked the comparison to DKs earlier in this thread, because there you had to level up a toon to 55 before you could play a DK, which started on 55. So basically this would mean I get my allied races on 110 or 120 (linked to which race).

The problem with the current system is that you will forever need a dummy toon to unlock the race and that you have to invest a not ignorable amount of time into that dummy. (The reputation for the Legion allied races for example was cross faction, so I for example with only Horde chars back then, could simply use my charboost from BfA and unlock Void Elves and Lightforged.)

I might be totally wrong with this, but to me it looks like most people defending the unlocks for races (not talking about anything else) basically with “I had to do this, so everyone else has aswell”. I would call this a rather weak argument, at least to me it is.

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You should like rest of whinners check yours "key feature advertised saying you have to do nothing to get anything"stop crying babies this whining was not in legion with nightbOrne,lightgotged,highmountain and void elves guess whiners joined in BFA wanting to ruin yet another THING.CURIOs what is for you "advertised key feature"PvP guess I should get glad mounts for nothing since “advertised key feature” same with any gear or anything by your twisted logic saying “advertised key feature” why you think it means free stuff for nothing?

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Ehm I do not want to get X yet not everyone has to be forced to get it by doing Y reee I want it for free…
Do you understand you choose to do Y so you can get X or is someone holding gun against your head and threatens your life?If yes then you can say you are forced by that point your issue is something different.

It is Principe you whining p… Nothing else not race gear etc just f Principe guess too hard for snowflakes to get point.


If it’s all down to “i wAnT iT fOR fRee” (which it isn’t) explain to me why people who have unlocked the races also have problems with the requirements and how it’s done?

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Same thing ? Just because they did it doesn’t mean they were happy doing?
Explain to me why I have no issue with it by your questioning.
And why it is if it was behind doing something else they would still whine rreee why I have to do Y so I can get X if you did not noticed.


What’s your issue then? People shouldn’t voice their opinions if they thought a part of the game was bad?

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So you can’t argue at all with what I said and what is your problem then when I say it is not and they are wrong/their mindset is destroying it.Come back with any arguments at all so easily saying what you say against you I do not even try .


The only reason that I am playing wow at the moment is to unlock the new allied races quite contrary to how I got them unlocked back in legion where they simply came because I needed to do the world content to be in shape for raiding.

I don’t feel that the requirements are unreasonable and in total it won’t take longer than a few weeks or a couple of months at most to unlock the allied races. Right now for an example I simply do most of the the ZulTroll world quests and champions of Azeroth quests each day, which at most runs me an hour or maybe one and a half.

The only thing that I am not to happy with is that the pathfinder achievement doesn’t unlock flight.

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I see a pattern in here: void elf/blood elf. Likes transmogs and pet battles. Also posting alot in the helf thread. Won’t play vanilla. Likes LFR. Won’t do proper raids or “grinds”, just barely level to max.

And yes I’m serious :stuck_out_tongue:


They need a max level char to get the rep to level a velf i dont see your point .

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If i were a new play (Which i am BTW), and a new expansion was advertised as ‘New playable Zandalari race’ i would expect them to be playable right away, not 6 months after the expansion launched and to be playable without grinding for 1 month.

It’s not false advertisement, but it’s intentionally phrased in that way to lure in new and returning players.

1st) BFA had the most day-1 sales out of any expansion, fair to assume that a lot of players that came back to BFA didn’t play at the end of legion.
I came back from a break since Cata and I honestly expected to be able to play those races from the get go, like all races were handled before legion.

2nd) A lot of those players came back under the promise that Zandalari trolls would be playable (Playable in this context means: Playable on launch and without a grind required).

Yes, I am a whiner for not wanting to farm legion content to unlock legions allied races, not do i want to farm WQs to unlock current allied races and i especially don’t want to level a toon to 120 on alliance side, do WQs till i am exalted, quest through all the zones just so i can create a Kul’tiran…

Progressing my character != unlocking a new race so that i can create a NEW CHARACTER.

Progressing my character != unlocking a new race so that i can create a NEW CHARACTER.

I am all for more character progression, I am not a fan of account progression though.

I have unlocked Zandalari trolls and Maghar orcs, doesn’t mean that the system is good.

Furthermore there is no point in getting insulting, with your 1/9 mythic and 1.2k score (Pardon, 2/9 on your ‘main’… with 800 score) i don’t think you’re in a situation where you can say that i am just getting everything for free and whining on the forums about not getting more stuff for free, especially when you, with your subpar progression, have the same ilvl.

Hard to argue with someone who lacks the mental capacity to use proper punctuation.

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You want a point you cherrypick quoter? :stuck_out_tongue: no real point, just a observation

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I see a pattern here: Hunter. Likes to bash others. Thinks he is a good player. Bashes LFR. Has more LFR than HC kills. Doesn’t even use a ranged weapon.


And another thing is some new/returning players who still don’t have access to allied races, like myself, support the requirements. Is this also a funny thing? Are we all laughing right now?

I guess this is mostly an issue among old players actually, not new players. They just want to start their 231234th alt char on another server.

I haven’t done them except high mountain and nightborne. I enjoy doing the requirements.

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Fair point :slight_smile:
Do you also want to play an allied race as your main char? Did you come to BfA to play Zandalari for example?
Do you only play Horde? What if you wanted to play Alliance as Kul Tiran, would it be a logical thing to level a normal human so you could play the Kul Tiran you actually wanted to play?

Seriously if grinding a rep on max level to unlock a race is the content that keeps many here playing than I gotta admidt WoW is at a worse state than I ever imagined.

As mentioned before I personally know a handful of people who came back and stopped again mostly because of allied races. Blizz is giving away at “potential customers” here.
Also would it really break WoW for all those against removing these unlocks if they were gone? Or if you could for example get your first of that race “boosted” (abit like DKs worked back then) -> I personally would find that very weird btw.

I know for sure that at least for some amongst us it would have made the addon and kept them at least for a while longer if they would have been able to play the races they wanted.

Once again grind is fine and important for an MMO and being unable to unlock stuff is brilliant. Grinding up a char you maybe don’t want to play to unlock the race you want just doesn’t make sense to me.

Also I cannot really present a really good solution for all sides here, allowing everyone to do the unlock quests (maybe with temp chars) would be one way, because those questchains are brilliant. But that seems a bit weird.
However grinding on some “Unlock” char also is weird.
To me removing the grind seems the most plausible solution, to some of you it doesn’t. To Blizzard it doesn’t either, so the quests are here to stay.

What I do know for sure is: People leave because of unlocks.
What I do assume: Other people that don’t mind the requirements wouldn’t leave without.

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Someone got personally offended ey.I have unlocked it ,you complaining does not mean system it is not good.
SO they do not play in first place.
And your assuming …i assume otherwise hence classic etc.

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If you meant me, I am not personally offended ^^ why would I we simply do not have the same opinion on this.

If I get you “assumption” statment right, you assume that people would leave WoW if the Rep grind requirement was removed? I’d call that a bold assumption but ok.

What all this has to do with classic is beyond me. Classic is a pretty old system which existed in a completly different world/market and adressed a audience which was in large numbers new to the genre. Thus alot more accepting of flaws, also many didn’t really know what could be done different.