Please do away with allied race unlocks


It’s a simple enough proposition.

Did you have fun grinding to unlock allied races?

If a significant portion answer no, then the grind should be abandoned in favor of streamlining the gameplay experience, just as it has before. Blizz also needs to ask itself whether creating player fatigue so they get tired of the new races before they even unlock - is a good way to go. My feeling is no. People can call this whining and complaining, but I play WoW to have fun, not because I have time to kill.

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Just because loud minority who does not play wants something instantly for not wanting to do anything for it does not mean it is bad i am in different opinion and i want more things i can work for/unlock everyone who plays like plays you know log every now and then do things had it unlocked and vast majority like 90% by time it launched just did scenario quest so yes it is reward for playing that is how it was made etc so you minority who did not do anything to get it now want to rush something what is impossible/was not meant to be done in that but eveyone who plays had it on day 1.

Me everyone i know and veterans are disgusted how everything is soo … easy to get for everyone returning player/everyone who just hop in without any need to work for anythig etc …


Why is it that any thread I see you, you are unable to give any opinion in a constructive manner? Your lack of punctuation and constant going off on tangents makes your posts harder to read and follow as well. (Wouldn’t say too much of value is lost, it’s not like most of your posts aren’t just personal attacks against people who have differing views anyway.) You also made up a completely random statistic to prove your point, which is probably heavily exaggerated. What exactly is the point of doing this? This doesn’t prove your point.

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Isnt this whole thread exaggeration ? prove what i say is wrong based on this thread there is 5 and half lazy asses wanting something for free.


I think you mean - paying customers - who don’t want to grind for basic content that should be available to everyone. And I seriously doubt they are in a minority.


They’re very easy to unlock.


Who leaves the game because of unlocks? A very small minority. And why do you care about them? Are you one of them? No… This 10euro/month threats are so boring.

If I wanted to play Kul Tiran, maybe I shouldn’t be able to right away, since there are many other races I can play with. If this was the only reason that made me to consider playing again, maybe I shouldn’t have started at all, because this is such a boring and absurd reason. Everything that people despise dearly (the content itself) will just go away by playing with a new race? It doesn’t make sense at all.

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Another whining thread made by belf


Could be worse, space goats also tends to make them.


You have factual source on this?

We should care about players leaveing although with your attitude i wouldnt miss you .

Then why did we get every race like belf/goat/panda at start with new rep not being needed your point is moot .


Why are you treating your values as absolutes everybody should find to be right? There are people who bought this expac to play KT/Zanda, why are you better than these people? Why is your stance better than theirs? Why can you decide what others find fun and what not? And yes I do find different races fun to level, that’s why I have multiple ones of most classes 100-110+. Why can you decide my (and as we can see others’) fun to be less valid then yours?

Taste and fun is subjective, please refrain from pretending you’re somehow superior because yours are a certain way.


Because that was what Blizzard decided to. They decided that you could have those races immediately back in then, now they want you to do the requirements. Which sane person would ask for logic(!) behind this? Just because it was like that before, doesn’t mean it must be the same for all eternity.


Are you hopeing by defending blizzard and there actions you will get freebie’s and made MvP because there is no logical reason to put races behind reps like they do with recipes .


i disagree with this on so many levels.

but its typical view of world that young people have nowadays when they feel intitled to anythign without any work .

they have hard time doin most basic tasks exacly because of this attitude.

its a good thing that those arei n game - they give people clear long term goals with amazing reward when they finish it .

want nice race ? earn it .


You guys are doing the same thing as well. You think your values are absolute. You think Blizzard must throw everything you to you for no reason. And if someone say; ‘stop with asking everything’’, you start moaning about how we are oppresive, while you are freedom fighters. So what is your point?

pfffffffff so boring. It didn’t work, sorry. Try this on 7 years old kids, maybe it will work.


I dont think you can post anything subjective at all being honest with you ,you told a guy in another thread to form a 40man raid to do the weekly pvp quest which can only be done in a 5man group so i dont think you understand how the game works at all .

So why did the give belf/goat/panda ? you keep avoiding that question if you are so high up in blizzards understanding explain to us the change in stance because it seems obvious to us you are Ion’s right hand man and knows the facts and figures of wow .


If you are asking for such logic(!), XP gain should’ve been nerfed to the ground so it should’ve take months to get max level, we had to do very long quest chains for raids, no flying, no water walking, no heirlooms… etc.

Because guess what, it was like that before.

Whatever you say, it doesn’t matter. Everything you say, no matter how you try polish it = ‘‘give me things, send them to my mailbox’’.

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NO i mean lazy asses what you mean by paying customers who want something for free stop acting so self entilted guess what everyone who plays wow pays sub does not mean everyone is glad/mythic raider you can do that but that does not automatically mean since you pay sub you have it and it is not basic content imo and it is you unlock it and you get it and you whiners are in minority.


I already gave the answer lmao.

because Blizzard wnated to give those races right away. This is their game, do you even understand this very simple thing? haha what a joke!


As you can clearly see if you actually look i earnt all 8 races day one when they came out so your point is always moot and flawed and iam asking you a question which for the 5th time you have not answered .

This is not a valid answer i want you to explain not just say “hurr durr blizzard”