Please do away with allied race unlocks


Way off-topic, guys :yum:

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I never said there was.

This is what these sorts of threads are for.

In your opinion. In mine it was as clear as day.

You see how that goes.

Your opinion vs. my opinion. We may either be right or both could be right or we may both be wrong.


It was clear - if you looked it up or played regularly. But for people who had been away or casual players, it was not very clear at all. BFA’s main selling point was indeed allied races, and, well… here we are. Grinding for basic content and getting fatigued doing it.

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Well it was clear, to me as much as to any of you, that unlocks of this kind would be involved. However advertisement is there to reach masses that don’t neccessarily browse forums or fanpages frequently.

" Allied Races
Purchase Battle for Azeroth and begin your quest to recruit four new playable Allied Races. Heroes of the Horde can enlist the Highmountain Tauren and Nightborne, and champions of the Alliance can add the Lightforged Draenei and Void Elves to their ranks."

This iss the text from the current page and while everyone knowing the system will understand this marketing blabla just fine it’s that - marketing speech - it will leave room for interpretation and speak around the edges people might not like as much. If it said “You can unlock these races after completing a chain of quests and reach exhalted reputation on a different max level character” that would have ended in some really terrible responses. BUT truth is not how marketing works, I know that.


Blizzard word is not always final .they have previously rolled back a lot of their decisions when community complained .
Don’t know what you are trying to achieve .


Exactly @Jaremiel, and clearly a lot of people were disappointed, and left, or grinded and became fatigued, and left. The thing that energizes the player base the most is actually new races and new classes. It gives people a reason to play a lot again, with some concrete goals, in a process most people actually enjoy. Which is playing with other people. Grinding is neither multiplayer nor rewarding, and makes people lose interest. Had Blizzard instead released a new allied race open for all every 3 months or so, that would create a lot more energy in the community, a lot more new characters, translating into more endgame play as well.


It is ok not to read all comments, but that was another topic. The other guy asked me for a ‘logical reason’ about why panda was available from start and why allied races aren’t. And i told him do not look for a logical(!) reason, it’s what Blizzard decided to.
So i didn’t say ‘Blizzard decided that, so it can’t be changed at all’ as you think. I simply said comparing the pandas and allied races is unneccessary and pointless.


hm i wonder. mmorpgs basic core concept is grind.

whether its grind of levels , or grind of gold to buy better gear

whole genre got build up on grind.

seems to me people who negate need for grind are playing wrong game.

those people look for a mix of moba&action rpg - preferably in shape of instance symulator.

if you negate need for grind you negate need for mmorpg.

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So your sources is you and a bunch of random players. That’s not any better than my observation.


Oh yesterday? is that the last time you played it? And by played it, I mean actually playing the character, not just logging onto it, jump around for a few minutes out of boredom and logging off. Because your gear kinda says otherwise. Anyways. So I was looking at the info of your account on WarcraftRealms provided by you through “1974ER”, and it seems that you don’t have a single max level character. You must be having a lot fun playing WoW right now.

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3 years ago is “ancient age” to you? How old are you? Are you between 1- 6 years old?

See, that’s bs. There was a waiting queue on Draenor EU during launch, I remember that because I told my friend we should level on Draenor instead of Taren Mills. He told me there could be a queue on that server because it was high pop, and I told him there wouldn’t be any queue, but there was. It was something like 30 minutes, maybe a little less than 30 minutes. But there was certainly a waiting queue during BfA launch, atleast on Draenor EU, there was.


I don’t think they should remove Allied Race Unlocks, I just think they should make the World Quests and the way you unlock them more fun, and less boring. I don’t really play this game seriously, I have a lot of animals and things to do now that I live on my own, so I don’t have a lot of free time.

I don’t think that having lots of real life priorities should affect how a game with millions of people playing it works. It’s not going to change to just benefit and small minority, and the reality is that most people don’t actually have lots of free time either. They just work for the races over time.

Give us more Rep gain for world quests, instead of a measly 85, let’s say 500-1000 depending on difficulty, and make quests more interesting and different. I think that increasing the gain isn’t that difficult, but making more quests is probably not going to happen, so at least reducing how many quests you need to do.

Removing the locks on Allied races, removes a lot from the game. They should just be easier to unlock, as it is just another race, it’s not a super special level capped character with the best quality gear either.

I actually think just increasing the rep gain you get for each quest and dungeon, and whatever, is an easy and effective way to solve this. It still should take a good bit of time to unlock them, as they are special in their own way, but Wow is a Game. It should be fun, not repetitive and boring.


I just unlocked Kul Tiran and all I can say is: what a relief. Dark Iron wasn’t that bad, but this one…awful. Glad it’s over.

So yeah, if they remove (or lower) those silly requierements, I won’t complain for sure, even if I already unlocked the races I want to play.

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Top All Time Updated Characters
Rank Player Count

  1. Padanfain 42,665,352
  2. 1974ER 31,664,323
  3. Balgair 12,926,106
  4. bringoutyourdead 9,210,059
  5. Kerebo 6,652,373
  6. gmmmpresser 5,526,793
  7. piratejenny 5,100,373
  8. FuxieDK 5,041,964
  9. Djambo 4,930,610
  10. xpolockx 4,489,012

You may consider us randoms, that is your right… However, if you take a look at the numbers above, you should realize that those lists include some highly dedicated people… and I am NOT talking about myself only. At least Balgair has played longer than I have… and as of tomorrow, I am a 11-year veteran.

Hmmm… Outland has not been in lockdown in many years, my knowledge of Stormscale is sadly lacking (not one of my home realms), but very limited WCR stats indicate it is likely just about even with Outland or very slighly bigger and Silvermoon… I think it showed a prime time peak of something like 6 104 during 8.1.5 launch and as the CensusPlus is not instant, it is likely that absolute peak was just a hair or two under the CCU cap of about 6 000. So that list certainly is valid. For comparison… Argent Dawn has prime time activity levels about triple that of Outland.

Now you are making a personal judgement call. A few notes… First of all, I possess a total of 67 characters spread across two different regions, three different WoW accounts and three different support languages, a lot of which are not linked, because CensusPlus can not detect them due to their level. Out of those, if my recollection is correct, 42 are level 90 or higher. Second, correct, no 120s as of yet, my highest is just approaching 116. Third, while I personally am not the most avid roleplayer, I really need to stress that a lot people play WoW reasons other than level or item level. Fourth, WoW is not my only game, War Thunder and MechWarrior Online also take a large share of my time and I dabble at other games, such as Diablo III, Hearthstone, Battletech, etc.

I (and probably several other people as well) would really appreciate it, if you did not use just numbers as a measurement of fun.

Sunderland Mk V is only a tier II plane in War Thunder, but it is one of my personal favourites. :slight_smile: And Sarah’s Jenner… Well, that little BattleMech makes me smile every time I take it to the battlefield even though the story of how it came to be is a very sad one about a little “angel”, who lost a battle (and her life) her parents could not win for her (those interested in more details should do a small Google search).

This is essentially correct, sharding does not eliminate the possibility of queues and BfA launch did have some queues, though only on a fairly short list of servers… I believe Silvermoon, Draenor, Tarren Mill, Kazzak and the French Hyjal were on that list, maybe a few more, but not many. Of those I remember, Silvermoon, Draenor and Hyjal also suffered more than others from bank and AH lagging.


“The basis concept of MMO is grind”

Well. Leveling could be viewed as a form of grinding, sure, but it’s largely what the game is, and you have multiple ways of leveling. Most of them are rewarding and fun and social. But you have options. And if you hate all of them, there are even character boosts, one of which is for free with each new expansion.

Locking promised new content behind a grind is very, very bad in my opinion. Even worse, each new unlock has different requirements. This is something that annoys me about flying as well. The requirements are so inconsistent.


well I am thinking with the community embracing gated thingy for allied races .next they might come up with grinding and reputation requirements for new classes too


Don’t give them any ideas!


But are his numbers wrong ? Just because he doesn’t play / has fun. His numbers show us that it seems a lot of people still log in. And i don’t think you can decide if they have fun or not.

But you can always post your statistics.

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@Transmoggu: The values were for comparison purposes. Since WCR relies entirely on individual CP submission makers, the numbers ebb and flow. I also can not directly speak for any of the others, but I naturally see what sort of patterns my own results have and can compare them to the trends of others.

My listings (a small sample) look like this:

May 2016: 122 334
November 2018: 124 915
December 2018: 146 000
January 2019: 135 493
February 2019: 130 230
March 2019: 137 111
April 2019 so far: 97 267

I do not play exactly the same patterns day in and day out, nobody does. What is relevant that playing the same servers, all months after November have higher result levels, even the shorter February.


I may have said it in the wrong way.

I wanted to ask the other guy if he can say that your numbers are wrong , just because you don’t play active / level to 120.

You doing random stuff , doesn’t change the value of the collected data.

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@Transmoggu: No worries, mon! :smiley:

You are entirely correct, I could be running the scans from only level 1 characters, it would not remarkably alter the results (a tiny bit, because I myself would be excluded :smiley: as the addon has to follow Blizzard API, which prevents access to data on levels 1 to 19).