Please don't auto-summon pets (BG/STV)

Lone wolf is a thing for hunters! With the incoming buffs to Chimera I think we will see more Lone Wolf hunters in PvP.
If my pet is dismissed when I die, let it stay dismissed when I get ressed, please. Putting the pet in stablemaster just takes away the option to call pet and keep a player in combat - which is very convenient for BG’s.
Also: When you get ressed - a 5-10 second timer that makes spells cost 0 mana would be great, I’m thinking especially in STV when u have to buff the team up. The event is high paced, and there’s not time for priest’s to sit and drink after buffing team up.

Thank you in advance :heart:

Fairly sure there are feedback form ingame to put this all in.

just stable it before you do stv

We are not playing retail, we have no place in stables for that.

Autosummon pets should be disabled for Lone Wolf rune.

You are aware classic has a stable master correct?

You are aware classic has a limit for a stable master correct?

Luckily youre playing Season of discovery where 1 pet is the meta for the entire game, you’re not playing farmville.

  • One pet is not meta for the entire game, you definitely don’t know what you speaking about, especially if we all didn’t played the entire game yet, it’s still not even level 60 and not all pets are accessible. The meta changed 3 times only during one phase
  • You always need 1 slot for skill learning process you also not aware of

So if I look up your logs you wont be using a cat right?

Ahh go figure, you using a cat…

so in your opinion we should be using a wind serpent who dont get a new rank in breath before lvl 41 and dosent benefit from kill command, are you stupid or what?

Did I tell you to use a wind serpent?