Please fix pvp state

I think blizzard realised that ppl don’t like to be forced to do something, like we were “forced” to farm azerite, or artifact power.
Fact why pvp died is because pvpers are LITERALLY FORCED to do pve, in case pve rewards just better gear. Being forced to do pve as pvper, or getting pve armor for doing pvp activities, feels so wrong.
Please, make pvp great again, and bring back pvp vendors with pvp gear, i don’t want to be done with game after progressing raid, i want side activities, like pvp, doing bgs (yes i can do it now, but it’s complete waste of time since it rewards NOTHING) , doing arenas to get better PVP armor, i want to progress pvp and pve separately as it used to be, so it felt like here is sooo much more to do.
Why is blizzard killing real and cool activities and then coming up with forced things like island expeditions and warfronts??
PLS just fix pvp we are in situation where you wait above 10 minutes for bgs and sometimes more than 3 minutes for 3v3 or 2v2 RATED.
All my friends who used to pvp - either switched to PVE ( as me) or quit game.
Also, i know pvpers queuing to raids in draenor was problem because pvp gear is worse in pve ( as it should be so should pve armor be worse in instanced pvp), but now no one really looks at ilvl, everyone have installed rio and they check your current progress on raid or mythics+ pvp armor won’t affect it at all


Blizzard must finally get to the realization how many people will unsub and not buy Shadowlands if they won’t fix this.

They might think this issue is not that serious. Wrong.


There won’t be changes to the PvP until Shadowlands, which is at the end of the year. Enjoy your Guardian Druid and RMD/MLD-meta etc. lol

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The game started to die when the pvp was forgoten.
No PvP = no fun.
Face it , no matter how many dragons you kill or ogres or whatever, without any pvp the game just become some boring blanked tool that is waiting for his final hour to come and shut down.


they completely killed PVP and they still refuse to realise it’s SERIOUS, it’s beyond joke, Ion is just stubborn and he doesn’t see not everyone enjoy cosmetic rewards (cuz for now pvp is cosmetic activity like warfonts or islands, just to kill time, with 0 satisfaction on doing that. )

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What we have now is beyond joke. Whoever manages this game treats this game just as business process. They don’t care about pvpers. They deliberately make WPvP as a new end game: get mythic raid gear to enjoy killing by spamming one or two buttons. This is not PvP. Those who designed the game up to the current state spit at our faces.

I really don’t know what to think. When I join random bg I am called by names because my gear is only 408 on a new hunter. Well ppl are right as this is main reason of losing. We lose because I can’t kill people as they come with full myth raidgear with large health pool. I realised that a couple of things would help:

  • PvP gear should be separated, or
  • all essences, powers, trinkets, etc. should be inactive while doing PvP, perhaps just in groups like BG, or even WPvP when you challenge someone
  • in bg, additionally equal gear would make BGs more fun and All those winers complaining about low level incomers would be shut up.

If you know your class , you can do job.

Its about skills.

I have a gladiator friend on community with 415 ilvl on current patch.

Also 1 more thing.

There was a priest healer tonight on bgs with 404 ilvl. He was 8 million healing with 404 ilvl.

443 ilvl other healer made 2.2 million healing.

I directly invited that 404 ilvl priest to my bg farm group tonight. Kindest person I’ve ever meet.

Then invited him to my communities which I’m admin on alliance side.

He is only 404 ilvl makes 4x more healing than 443 ilvl healers.

If you know your class , you can do some stuff on pvp I think. Thats why blizzard allow you queue with low ilvl to bgs.

Some scaling available.

Healing can be a bit different matter. There are two things with it:

This 404 ilvl (I think you might be a bit exaggerating here but lets accept this is 404), so if this person’s team mates peel and protect him, if he can position himself right all the time, of course he can do as much healing as he wants to. Leave me be free and I will constantly spam heals, on pets too, and be quite decent even with my 426 ilvl.

The second is that healing output is very strong, even with lower ilvl gear. Providing the person has skilled team mates and is not lazy.

On the other hand a dps has to produce damage. From where he will get it if he has no gear? There’s no physical way he can create this damage, even if his opponent is standing still in front of him.

So if that 408 hunter can’t do anything, there’s no use even if healers heal like gods.

I didnt talk about dps either. I invited that priest to our communiy. Never seen him doing less than 8million healing on random bg with 404 ilvl. He played with my 2400 premade whole night since he was good.

Dps ofc need gear.

Yes, and I also have a hunter, 406 ilvl, I don’t queue to bgs because there’s no use to. It would be suicidal. I want to learn this class but knowing how much gear he needs to do stuff… Hopeless.

And how to gear him up? Do M+ or quit, that’s the current situation.

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On current expension without m+ you are nothing. yeah.

404 ilvl is like 200k hp, one dk’s grip in opposite grp and he’s EATEN while 440 ilvl with 400k hp could escape. if he had more ilvl he could heal even more.

this is MMO, here shouldnt be any scalling, there should be need to get gear, but in pvp you need pvp gear as separated thing from pve, i don’t understand why blizzard don’t get that forcing ppl to do something won’t make them happy and that’s why they keep losing subs, if pvp player wanted to do pve he would get pve gear too, if pve player wanted to pvp he would get pvp armor, and more hours of gametime would be satisfying and cool, as it used to be you know?
Getting something is fun when you are not forced to do it, we have warmode these days, we have rio to show progress on pve, we have ilvl check they could make pvp ilvl, pve ilvl if they fear so bad of pvpers queuing lfg, while they chose to kill idea of pvp, and made it cosmetic just like warfronts are, not for meaningful loot table, but for mounts and some tmog…

My simple comment is: no you can’t do your job. Everyone who does PvP knows that. It doesn’t stop one from having fun as long as you can have fun avoiding players but you could also be kicked.

I don’t know how all this works for healers. I can’t believe 440+ out healed 404. It just sounds wrong or either the other healer (443 ilvl) could be AFK or kept dying because of not getting help. You could have checked the number of deaths or the damage done; it could also be the Disc spec where Priests do both heal and damage.

Is it a healer? I am surprised 415 ilvl player gets Gladiator.

Yes it is, just how much money have blizzard made from this with people buying game tokens to buy boosts. No wonder they wont change it chat full of people trying to make gold from boosts. I refuse to do it they get enough of my money so I am stuck with characters around 425 ilvl which unless you are playing the better specs still sucks against these 445/450 players.

No , We invited him to group. I have a holy paladin friend who played paladin entire his life. His horde holy paladin was undergeared 409 ilvl when he queued bg he outhealed 442 ilvl other healer by 2.

Sorry, I meant 408 outhealed 440+ as you have pointed out before.

They do , I didnt take screenshot tho. Cant take everything.

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