Please fix the Darkmoon Fishing Hat 🐟

Good morning/afternoon/evening everyone,

I have a Highmountain tauren Druid. His name is Utoobu.

There he is, right there. Doesn’t he look happy? Unfortunately, he’s not happy. In fact he’s a very sad Highmountain tauren. You see, ever since Legion, I’ve found the Prepfoot Highmountain tauren to be fascinating, and wanted to roleplay as one. If you don’t know about the Prepfoot, or you missed them, you can find them here:

As the article states, a quintessential part of the Prepfoot experience is their fish hats, which will naturally allow them to adapt quicker to the flooding world. I knew of the short, temporary fish-hats from the Draenor garrisons, and then I discovered the Darkmoon Fishing hat. Salvation! I taught Utoobu fishing, grabbed a rod and headed to the docks at about 10:00am on Sunday, and around 6:00pm, just in time for dinner, I got my hat. I saw three other people get theirs in the meantime. I opened my bag, found the hat, right-clicked to equip…

… And nothing happened.

At first, I was confused. I asked my guild, linking the item, to see if they could see anything wrong. Some replied that it worked fine (Blood Elves, mostly), but other tauren and Highmountain told me that no, they could not see anything.

I submitted a bug report in-game, and even spoke to a GM about the issue. They logged a tauren and a Highmountain to investigate and, sure enough, the item was broken. They agreed to log another report.

Several weeks have passed, now and every Wednesday I log my Highmountain, I click the hat, and see that it still isn’t fixed. I sigh, log back to my main, and forget about him until the following Wednesday when I try the same.

I love playing a feral druid, and I would like to try healing as well, but above all I want to RP as a Prepfoot, handing out pamphlets and warning people of the coming catastrophe that is Deathwing! But my desire to do so just crumples knowing that even though I spent the time and energy to farm up the transmog, level him from 20 to 110 just to scratch that itch of gaining heritage armour, and going through Trial of the Crusader numerous times to get the right transmog (that damn belt was a nightmare!) knowing that I have him raring to go but this one thing is not right just… Sours the experience.

So, with no further place to turn to or ideas, I’m slapping a post here. Please, bring my big beautiful boy his fish hat. Let him live!

Thank you for reading. :fish:

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Thank you for reporting this in-game as a bug report, that is the best way to report any issues. It does take time to investigate reports though, and to find a solution/fix following that. At the same time, there are often quite a few reports being submitted. Some of which might be a bit more important to fix than others.

As you have reported it, it will be looked into. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee that it will be looked into within a certain time period, sorry for the inconvenience but thank you again for your report.

Have a few seconds to spare? Let me know how I’m doing!

That brought tears to my eyes :cry:
Hope he will get it soon …


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Hello all,

OP here, and, as you can probably see from the forum picture, the fish hat is back working with Tauren, both regular and Highmountain varieties. Big thanks to the GMs for their patience (I sent a bug report every week with a WoW joke to make them more palpable!) so we can close the chapter on this issue.

I can’t link pictures, I’m afraid, but here’s a snapshot of my big boy smiling his big heart out now that he’s a real Prepfoot. Cheers from Utoobu Prepfoot!


I’m so happy for your big beautiful boy :slight_smile: Thanks for updating!

Fantastic to hear! :slight_smile:

I’ve fixed the link for you as well, that deserves to be seen! :slight_smile:

Have a few seconds to spare? Let me know how I’m doing!

A story with a good ending, many happy fishing adventures to you!

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