Please give healers rewards like in M+ and raiding

Healers in PVE receive Gold.Pvp Healers need more rewards than any other healers!Give me that goddamgoldforhealing!

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Why not make the role more fun instead

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we have already realized that bliz dont know how to do this

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Well, rewards clearly didn’t fix your solo shuffle queues.

what rewards ? conquest that u dont need 2 weeks into a season ?


you ask blizzard to give gold or glad mounts from solo shuffle and then wonder why they don’t listen
what’s next? free r1 for every healer in solo shuffle? or blizzard should send money to play their game

Just make it like follower dungeon an AI that heals us and all can play DPS
I mean Bots are good enaugh for R1 so if both team got an AI healer its fair

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We get the same amount of gold as anyone else that does m+.

At this point it feels like job to heal SS. Dont have to overreact, but healers need more rewards, to increase healers pool.

healer are clearly underpaid

i’m all in for each round win we give healer 100 gold :smile:

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well im not gonna be playing my heal for nothing. :smile:
the queues are still what is blizzard waiting for.No rewards no heals easy as that.the call to arms bags in pve are way better than the stupid pvp conquest badges…

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I’ve been saying this since solo shuffle was introduced. Healers are the be or not to be of solo shuffle. No healers = no games, we’ve had seasons where queues were almost 1 hour and that’s because playing healer was unfun, the rating system for healers is just broken and as a healer you don’t get rewarded at all and playing DPS is just so much easier. Yes I’d say having Healer only achievements that give them Healer only mounts for hitting a rating or playing X games would be a good start and maybe some gold.

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because it should be 1 round, not 6 rounds with doc of the lobby which goes 0-6

no its should not !

then enjoy 3-3 and don’t complain
it’s simple

then it wouldn’t be shuffle isn’t it?

why it is shuffle in the first place
they could make 3v3 soloq like in warmane and AT for years or another game mod (soloq blitz inc)

it has to be 6 rounds or its dumb since every class plays against each other once to mix it toggether

They’re talking about the queue bonuses from dungeon finder and LFR.

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