Please help me get conquest

I need help getting conquest

please help me

if you like gold, i have gold

You’re a druid. Pick up the healer specialization and spam solo shuffle until you’re capped.
It’s the quickest way for you to get conquest and you don’t need people for that.


wonder why i havent thought about that

never healed before tho. ill give it a shot

Focus on the basics first then. Don’t try to go for cyclones and game winning moves at the start. Focusing on your positioning, your survival, and your ability to avoid CC’s thrown your way.
Learn to be a good healbot before you learn how to be good at everything else.

Good luck, and enjoy the 35 second queue times.

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And don’t mind the baddies blaming you lol

Just stay back, dont try cc, cyclone, pve heal. Use tree from the start.

Mute flamers, get your free conquest.

Mute instantly, so you dont quit and get deserter buff

Gluck :hugs: