Please let us Merc for Brawls

It’s impossible to win Brawls on Horde on the first day of reset, and almost impossible to win Brawls the following days. Just make us be able to Merc like in other battlegrounds.


Keep trying and you will win eventually, form a group of friends to perform better since you will all be sync and stablish a solid communication via discord.

Imagine doing premade for the weekly brawl. Just let us merc.

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U can’t win deep six this week to start with, i have tried but all games have ended becouse someone left.

Not sure if trolling. Alliance is allowed to merc as Horde would make sense currently. Horde mercing as Alliance is counter-constructive, but needed according to some horde players, to get a victory :smiley:

Yeah, this would solve so many issues.

I vote agaisnt this. It would destroy WoW PvP essence.

Personally I love the alliance vs horde theme.

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