Please reduce the iLvL gap in random PvP

The ilvl gap between people in random BG and those who bring rated PvP gear is far too big. BG’s can still be fun if you meet someone with a similar ilvl as you but are completely ruined when the opposing team has a 4-5 man premade of eHeroes with 20-25 ilvl advantage over everyone else.

The very people who dont need the ilvl advantage are the ones who have it.

Random BG’s can go form a fun experience into a miserable one when you meet somone who is overgeared for the content and it becomes a cycle of Rez>Die>Rez>Die as they repeatedly hit their burst macro and kill you in 2 hits…or…you end up being farmed at the GY for the duration by a 272ilvl fury warrior with a pocket heal…

Its not a question of being killed or not. Its a question of just been able to participate. I dont mind at all if I end up haviing a 1v1 in a bg with someone better than me, it lasts maybe 20-30 seconds and ultimately they win. I enjoy the fight all the same, win or lose.

If i die then at least i was able to participate in the fight and somtimes i might get lucky and win. But as things stand people in full Honor gear (that which is obtainable in THAT content) end up outgeared by 20+ ilvls and are killed in 2-3 hist repeatedly without any chance of participating.

Full honor gear to full conquest gear should be no more than a 10-12 ilvl gap.


Make a craft-able PvP set that has a PvP item level equal to that of the lowest rated BG items.

Or just allow players to craft PvP BG gear and then use honour to upgrade it.

That should get people a start.

The gear gap is a joke and to be honest is so bad and i hate seeing it.

The rule of thumb here is simple. People enjoy competitive PvP. Due to the gear this is really not possible outside of rated, which is NOT fair as alot people dont enjoy rated.

But the reality is this…

You cannot have a truly competitive environment that has drastically different power levels with gear.

Blizzard, we want people to play PvP. We want a health PvP community that isn’t dominated by try hards and sweats and over geared chars. Remove this drastically huge gear gap in PvP because it is a cancer in PvP which is killing this game.

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Since 9.2.5 is in testing phase and still several months ahead, maybe they already should introduce the WoD-style gearing they have planned for Dragonflight in it. This will also be a good opportunity to test it in modern WoW.
9.2.5 Honor set = whatever they like, single level or upgradeable, with result ilvl close to Elite+ Season 3 gear
9.2.5 Conquest set = maximum ilvl in PVP even at first rank of item and upgrades just increase its PVE ilvl.

This by itself will reduce the gap in 9.2.5 - people will be able to get honor gear to compete with 9.2 glads ilvl and everyone will get Conquest gear at around the same rate and it will have the same PVP ilvl at first rank and top rank.

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They need to do something. This is stopping so many players from enjoying pvp and taking part…and I don’t blame them. I refuse to even attack someone if I see them with anything less than challenger gear.

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