Please Rework Enhancement Shaman

Good Evening,

Blizzard, you have been ignoring these posts for years but please finally listen.

Enhancement Shaman is more desperate for a class rework than even Ret Paladin was before you turned them into Gods.

Please see my points below:

  1. Far too many buttons to press, too much bloated activity on my action bar and limited reward. Compare this with Ret and WW.

  2. Too many things to track, again with minimal reward for this. Compare this with other hybrid such as Ret and WW.

  3. Terrible current and future tier set, ruining sundering and arguably making the class even worse. I wouldn’t be surprised if PvP enhancements played without the tier set in the new patch.

  4. No defensive abilities during a stun, please return Shamanistic Rage. Let’s not pretend that the new “burrow” ability is a good defensive for Enhancement, it seems more designed for Resto and Ele.

  5. I agree that Enhance healing is a good defensive but you only get 4 heals before you’re out of mana. In solo shuffle, due to dampening, you die very easily as the game drags on.

  6. Damage is good if the player knows what they’re doing. However, it’s still behind other melee, who can achieve this with less buttons and trackers.

  7. Ret Gods have buried Enhance. Ret can do EVERYTHING that Enhance can but BETTER. Why would anybody choose to play with a shaman when they can get a paladin.

Rets have more CC (that can’t get hex interrupted), a strong stun, more passive heals and much better defensives, and now more consistent and burst damage.

How can Blizzard keep ignoring this spec? It shows a lack of community and gameplay awareness IMO. The fact that this has been ignored for years is concerning.


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