Post if you want to make some in-game friends (pt3)


Ill be your friend


what a lovestory.


About me: I’m 32 and live in Scotland. Been playing on and off since BC.
Just recently came back to the game (again) to find no one on my friends list playing still so I thought I’d give this a go as the game seems a lot less social these days.
Age: 32

Personality: Laid back and mature with a dry sense of humour

Side: Both but currently trying Horde out for the first time

Chars: 120 Pally/Monk (Alliance) But currently levelling a Horde Monk atm around lvl88.

Spec: Ret for paladin Mw for monk
Would like to maybe raid and do m+ with people who are pretty chilled and don’t take everything so seriously… it is a game after all.

Playing time: Can vary tbh sometimes i’m on standby with work and can play whenever I feel like it and sometimes I may have to go away for work for a few days.

Up for: Raiding, M+, Achievements or anything fun related depending on the people involved

Other interests: Gaming, Football,

Battletag: Taveon #2845


About me:

Age: 28

Personality: Chill and laid back, can be funny and quite sarcastic, but kind.

Side: Horde and alliance. I come and go but atm I’m on horde


Rogue, shaman, druid and pala on horde. Got all others on alliance

Spec: both caster and melee. Likes healing and tanking.

Playing time: playes a bit every day. Have a few evenings where I can do mythics or raids. Loves to do battlegrounds or quests too in the morning.

Up for:
Helping each others
Friendly and social guild
Leveling or questing new AltS for fun

Other interests:
Working out
Movies and music

Battletag Kim#2412

Can be friends with both girls and boys
From any country :slight_smile:
Personally I’m from Norway so If you’re Scandinavian don’t hesitate by adding haha.

(Bluejayeh) #167

Love this thread. If it wasn’t for the effort it would take to pretend I’m a nice normal human, I’d add some of you.

Good luck on finding non annoying people to chat with though.


About me: I started playing WoW in TBC when I finally had a PC that didn’t die when trying to run the game. I’ve played other MMO’s over the years, but WoW was my first one and has been a second home for me where I can escape real life.
I love the world of Azeroth and most of the lore within it. Really happy to finally be encountering Azshara in game. I still dream of playable Naga. Also love Old God stuff.

These days I struggle to have as much fun because there is so much elitism and people care more about linked achievements and ilevel than having fun with someone who knows how to play their class but isn’t a jerk.

I can never seem to find a balance with guilds. They are either really good at raiding but are not very nice to people, or they are really friendly and fun but really incompetent. xD Not sure I’ll ever find a good balance.

Would love to meet fun, friendly and helpful people who enjoy the game and don’t treat it too much like a second job. Although with the amount of grinding in BfA it can be tricky I suppose.

Age: 30+

Personality: Rubbish at describing my personality tbh, wait and see I guess? :stuck_out_tongue:

Side: Horde mainly as most of my characters are there. I do have a few Alliance characters though

Chars: Mostly play my mage, priest and druid at the moment

Role: DPS or healer (usually with druid but wanna try disc and resto shaman)

Spec: Frost mage, shadow priest

Playing time: Most days. I fit it around work, but evenings and weekends I’m pretty much guaranteed to be about.

Up for: Dungeons, raiding, transmog and achievement runs, group pvp, solving wow secrets. Most things really.

Other interests: My interests away from WoW are quite varied. You can learn more if you choose to add me on bnet. :slight_smile:

Battletag: Nightshade#2703


Sent you a friend request. I hope that’s okay. I’m Nightshade on bnet.


Sent you a friend request. :slight_smile:


About me: I’ve started “playing” WoW about 8 years ago with my brother. We created accounts for the free 10-day trial that only allowed you to level to level 10 or so. But we were young and didn’t have any money for the subscription so yea… We played on private servers for a while (mainly during WotLK).

Kinda feeling like this isn’t my favourite patch, which is why I look forward to Classis. I want skills and effort to be more noticeable again. I do still enjoying the game though. :sweat_smile:

Looking for people to enjoy the game with!

Age: 23

Personality: Chill, down to earth.

Side: Mainly Alliance, sometimes of the opposite faction.

Main Alliance: Warrior 120,
Priest 82.
Horde: Demon Hunter 120.

Role: DPS or healer (low level)

Spec: Arms/ Fury warrior, Havoc DH, Shadow/Disc Priest.

Playing time: Most days, often in the evening.

Up for: Whatever, Let’s just enjoy the game.

Other interests: Engaging in social activities, all sorts of creative things. :man_artist:t6:

Battletag: shyronb #2879


About me: I’ve been playing WoW for many years now, but that doesn’t say much, because I’m quite casual. I’ve quit anything serious and competitive ingame for good, and I’m mostly looking for decent people to hangout with. People I used to play with have moved on and I’m left with a friends list that is quite empty and inactive. I miss having people on my friends list/a group of friends I can talk to, and hanging out on voice chat, doing casual things like old raids, achievements, battle pets, and what not. I’m not completely incompetent and I can do current stuff, but it’s mostly casual stuff like bgs, dailies(wqs), random dungeons. I don’t stress anything, and I’m in no rush to reach «end game», I dislike «gogogo» groups. I’ve also not played since January this year so I’m quite out of the loop!

Age: Late 20s

Personality: I’m easygoing and pretty average, whatever that means. I love a good laugh, even if it’s at my expense

Side: I’m currently open to both sides, but have more ally toons at 120

Chars: I’m a bit of an altoholic, but my main horde is a pally, and on alliance side it’s a druid

Playing time: I’m currently flexible, I’m GMT+2/CEST, and because it’s summer I can play both during the early hours of the day, and in the night time. I’m open to different time zones

Up for: I’m looking for someone to be social with, I miss having people to hangout with ingame, both doing stuff together (mostly casual), but also using voice chat and hanging out. I’m also open to other games, and I’m on steam. Borderlands 3 is out soon!

Other interests: I have several other interests than gaming, mainly I enjoy knitting and baking.

I’m not a native english speaker, so I apologize for any misspellings.
My battletag is Beena#2448, feel free to add me and we’ll see if we hit it off!
I accidentally deleted my previous reply, but hopefully this works


The Propaganda thread. I was looking at users,nearly every personally listed “laid back,mature and chil” People copy others only while reality is whole different.

Also the mention of LGBT is completely pointless. Why would it matter at all if you are playing the game?

What a nonsense , quit the forums I will. It’s beyond stupid. I am too super-genius for community forums.


who hurt you so bad boo?


About me: playing WoW since 2007. My first mmo experince was wow. After that tried many of them and always back to wow. Mostly playing PvP arena bg. PvP > Pve for me. But Bfa trash about pvp. Played always with random people and stuck arround 2100 rating on 2v2. Maybe this is my skill cap. Or I didnt find yet correct partner for push more. :slight_smile:

Age: 30+

Personality: Mature - Friendly.

Faction: Currenlty paying horde Rogue. but im planing make alt on Ally side.

Play time: Very random. Nowadays playing daily 3-4 hours

Other interests: Also Playing Destiny 2 and Fighing games like Moral kombat 11 - Street fighter V etc. Streaming - Football - Movies - Tv series.

Language: Native language Turkish. English. A bit Russian.

btag: droledian#21784


About me: I am huge fan of freehold weapons and trinkets, so I am looking for your freehold key 10-12 and we can be friends for that run :slight_smile:

Just invite me whenever you get this key with this macro:
/invite Podruge-Lightbringer

Age: 28


Personality: immature and sarcastic, but silent damage dealer.

Faction: thanks to essence failure I am limited to play only one class - this one. Alliance obviously.

Play time: mostly evening, sometimes night time.

Other interests: siege of boralus 10-12 also would do fine.

Language: Skada epen comparison in whispers. Sometimes English, when not on timer.

btag: hey, we have just met, easy there!


(Horde Shadowsong)
Hello im old (39 from sweden) and slow casual player Looking for a arena friend for 2v2.
Been to 1750 going up and down as I have to pug mostly my games. For this seson all my friends stoped playing. So it is even harder to get to cap or find a kind player to do some arena.

I have been offline for a while and have not decided what to play yet due i dont know Who to play with.
I am open to friendly spirited and casual players with no drama playing for fun.
I am a calm player with out anger or rage so i hope there is some one like me out here still :smiley:

I got a bunch of charakers and Looking for kind person that want to play and try to find a good setup.
Perfer using headset (Discord)

If some thing looks like it could go i Will start gearing that char up.
Low ilevels i know but come back not long ago so wanted to level them up to 120 and see what class i team up with.

Ret Paladin ilevel 389
Uh Dk ilevel 403
Arms warr ilevel 395
MW Monk ilevel 389
HaV DH ilevel 404
Druid Boom/Heal ilevel 420
Shadow Priest ilevel 385
Destro/affli warlock ilevel 397

Feora#2572 real id if you want to know more and is like me interest ed in pvp/arena.



My Names Peter
I am 30 years old and have ASD (diagnosed @ 30)+ADHD(waiting 2+years for app).
I don’t lick windows I just argue with them.
I smoke Herb to self medicate the ADHD until I finally see the consultant.
Support Liverpool Football Club and no other compares.
From the North of England.
Played Ele Shaman since 2006.
All Characters are on Bladefist server.
I am For The Horde!
Play most nights roughly after 20:00 GMT due to having 3 kids under 5 years old, I can be online during the day.
Im looking for a sidekick or a crew haha, bored of logging on to solo stuff and too antisocial to guid chat, rather be on discord with a close click than with the masses.

Battletag - Peter#25305


If only you were horde pepehands


Heeey recently got back into playing and looking for some company! I’m a veterinary nursing student with a soft-spot for wildlife. Slight hippie, major geek.

About me:

Age: 22

Side: For the horde!


Hunter, Druid, Monk, Warrior atm

Spec: Mostly dps, heal occasionally

Playing time: Flexible atm, don’t have a fixed work schedule

Up for: Getting to know people mainly, mount/xmog/achievement runs, casual stuff

Other interests:

  • Love all things animal and nature related
  • Other games such as Dragon Age, Mass Effect, The Elder Scrolls, FFXIV, The Witcher
  • Travelling
  • Yoga

Battletag: Lexiera#2236


Recently decided to try and get into WoW again, stopped playing after Cata when all my friends up and quit. Started with a fresh account for various reasons. The social aspect is something I’ve always loved about this game and I struggle to stay interested if I just spend days playing by myself, looking for anyone for a friendly chat to make levelling more bearable. Haven’t picked and settled on one server yet so if anyone wants to levelling together I’m happy to move around.

Age; 27
Side; Horde but can go either way
Spec; Caster, DPS or Healer (Mainly only DPS atm as levelling chars)
Playing time; Most evenings and weekends unless I’m obsessively playing something else.
Interests; Dogs and garlic bread


Also have Discord and Steam for other platforms to hang out on

(Kazmodeus) #184


Depends on who you’re asking!, naah but i’d say im pretty relaxed and laidback!


Ooof to many to mention!, i do currently have 30 lvl 120’s
Along with 4 lvl 110+'s!

[Already have all the Herritage Armors thats currently ingame xD]

Playing time:
Whenever i’m awake pretty much haha, and feel like WoW could be fun!.

Up for
Honestly anything!, raiding seems kinda pointless at the moment as you can get about the same ilvl from world quests xD!.

I’m doing to do current raid, just not to get better gear but to get transmog!.
I’m very focused on Transmogs these days!.

other interests
Twitter, Discord, WoW Lore[A huge fan when it comes to this], Anime, Manga, Training the Programming language C++ [Recently started]

Use Photoshop to make neat looking pics with peoples WoW Characters!.
Writing my very own Fan-fiction with WoW about how my very own characters handle the situation in every expansion etc!.


Just a worthy Mention!, I do own 3 Communities! you can find them Below!.
One of the Communities is Dedicated to this Thread Specificly!