Power Infusion takes away a lot of the fun in raiding


I am making this thread to bring the attention to a problem that I noticed is affecting a very large number of people on Reddit and Discord communities. Now, I understand logging is not an actual part of the game and DPS parses are not important towards progress as long as they are decent, it won’t matter if you are 90% or 99%. However, many of us raiders have made the logs a part of the game. To me, and many of us, parses are one of the main things that keep us raiding for months and reclearing dozens of time.

This fun however has been severely affected by the new Power Infusion. I don’t need to go into too much detail, because the reason is obvious. My question is, can we please let Blizzard know how much we hate that they ruined this for us, and hope we can make them change it to how it was before ? ( PI could only be used on the user, not someone else ). Not only that you took PI away from the Shadow Priest, because now 90% he PIs someone else, but you ruined the fun for all the other DPS that don’t get in a certain raid, which is obviously 90% of them, since you have 2 priests on average per raid.

Please tell Blizzard here what we think of their new Power Infusion. And Blizzard, please listen :slight_smile:


Perhaps Shadow’s Power Infusion could become restricted to oneself.

Listen to what?
It roughly gives 550 dps if used 100% optimally, if people create drama over its the community fault not the game design.

They have bigger problems to fix like mage/hunter/boomy/ww dominance in all the game’s aspects and they choose to ignore it.

For the records:

421 dps increase for a Fmage like you… Serious log upgrade eh?


Should have been baked into Voidform, or at least a nerfed version of twins for shadow (maybe that op, still baseline VF wouldve been better)

Yes , 420 DPS is a colossal log upgrade :slight_smile: What are you talking about ? It’s the difference between a 70% and a 95% log on Hungering for example. Imagine that you ar farming The Maw for months to get reputation and Stygia, every day of every week, and all sockets added give you 120 DPS. Imagine the difference between a Heroic Huntsman weapon, which literally anyone can get and a Mythic Sire weapon, which you have to work your bum for months for, is 300 DPS. Now think again.


According to your logs,
Your 4k output on shriek was 87, you needed 600+ to get a 95 so a 70 parse get upgraded that much with 420 dps.

Alternatively you can check all mages and see how much of an upgrade it is exactly which is almost nothing.

If you are capable of pushing 95 you can push 98 without it, you will need it though for the 100 which means… Irrelevant.

That’s because they were done in different weeks. You are comparing my 96% in a later week to my 87% in an earlier week. The DPS needed to parse the same percentage increases every week with people’s gear obviously.

Also, just so you know that you are not right, I just read that Khira from Warcraftlogs just took the matter into his own hands, because apparently Blizzard won’t fix this. He will add a checkbox to exclude all PIed tries from the logs and also provide a percentage for the tries without PI. That’s how bad it is.

Before you throw down your irrelevant random assumption you could check achievs.

But continuing:

Top log shriek 6,579.2

n10 log shriek 6,061.0

They are both 100’s even though n10 has 510 less dps.

Which means you can get that 100 even without PI when you and your raid team will do big numbers and the boss will manage to die fast.

Because the biggest gain in your dps is not PI, its execution.

You raid, you should have known these.

You also read the part where the actual creator of Warcraft Logs is creating a way to exclude Power Infusion tries because they are irrelevant when compared to the others right ? But I guess you know better than him for sure.

Then what is the point of your post if its being taken care of?
Random whining i guess?

I just proved you that you can get 100 log even if you miss that 510 dps and not the 420 it gives you.

I might not know enough, but i know how logs work before i start whining inside forums about nothing thinking that 420 dps will make a 75 parse a 95 :slight_smile:

It’s being taken care of by a third party lol. The problem in the game still remains. Man I have a question, do you actually have a level 60 character or are you just trolling the forum ? :slight_smile:

So its a problem if logs appear without it but that X player does 420 WHOLE dps more in your recount and steal your top spot?

You have some Rio rating which means you are using it, i guess before you ask you can find my main through there? :laughing:

Great 1 kill. Mate cya around, for you I can clearly understand why this is not a problem. Now let other people have their opinions too. Thanks. You can imagine this is a very common problem when the creator of WarcraftLogs said he simply can no longer deal with all the complaints about PI on Twitter. You are not alone in this game, and at the level you are currently at you don’t actually need any PI, so don’t worry you won’t lose anything.

I had curve the 2nd week, you had it on 3rd.
I had to stop raiding since and its pretty obvious to everyone, even you.

Nope i dont, because i have one for myself when and if i want it :rofl:

Still you came in the forums whining for something that warcraftlogs stated they will exclude. Pretty damn cool.

Its ok to have own opinions but its also ok to not share the same one. Its not always whining when ppl open up threads and complain about something (except “pls nerf…”)

Yes PI is a thing and im actually fine with it and wont complain, still i think it would be a lot better if you only can use it on yourself, if you just going for logs. I mean it really helps, we have a discipline priest and he always gives his PI to our Warlock for great dmg spikes and its very useful.

Ive seen a lot shadow priests in my 217 bracket, mostly top 5, getting PIs like warm coockies, even though its really not that much gamechanging for shadow priests because we have our own, combined with voidform first, but for example the 100 bracket (in my ilvl range) got it twice, every time after his one expires. In a 3:40 fight, its a big uptime on a great amount of haste, which results in much higher dps because of a 2 target fight and haste being rediculously good.

Still for the top parses you also need good raid dps. Taking shriekwing as comparison for PI parses is probably the worst, because almost everything is about how fast this boss dies, because of his intermissions.

If you have your own raiding guild and PIs from the healers are used good, its a good thing to help killing bosses. Just dont ever let anybody tell you as a shadow priest that you have to PI someone else or even better to take the twins legendary, except you are missing some very little dps to progress the last bosses but even then, killing the aspect of having fun with your class and loosing TONS of dps is probably not worth it. Still, everbody who cares about every upgrade and competition should know the importance of even just 100 sim dps.

Edit: After i looked out for some more PI sims im a bit surprised how much of a dps gain PI for SPs is. I probably never noticed because i never asked for PI.

I simply agree with everything you said, nothing more to say

Silly threads are silly.

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And then you said this :point_down:

…like what? So you pointing out that thirth party content have to be taken care of by said thirth party creators and making it sound as an issue? Im confused man.

Will they add to warcraftlogss filter for raid without mage or war or dh or monk? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Eh, while I’m enjoying to some extent having the ability to help my raid out. External pressures to give up my own performance to do so aren’t the greatest.

It’s also killed any sense of enjoyment from healthy competition between players through logs, as well as made looking at logs for analytical data more difficult.

Agree with this. While I dont really care about logs it feels great getting a 99 parse or whatever, especially on fights where you dont have to pad to achieve it. Now its just PI doping on every toplog.

Giving away PI to healers on Sun King felt ugggh. Gladly my 2day raiding guild got to sludgefist abit later where the dps check wasnt so extreme where I had to give it away there aswell.