Power of the primus quest bugged

How long are we looking at? :slight_smile:

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Is there an estimate on when this is coming? days? weeks?

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Funny, now explain why all the GMs have tried to put the blame for not doing things properly on the people, because this was a terrible service provided, I got blamed that I am basically blind and stupid for not doing previous quest, etc, etc, abhorrent attitude - I am dealing with this issue for 3 days only to be berated by incompetent customer support. Disgusting.

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When it will be fixed ? I change because of logs pression and there it is …


Any ETA?

Finally fixed

It’s GM Verdaniih here, I hope you’re doing well today!

I’ve found your ticket and managed to have a look over it, it seems you had some problems with the quest Power of the Primus, I know that must be really frustrating for you.

After checking everything out now there is no need to worry because I have fixed this for you and set you on the next step in the quest chain which is waiting to be handed in when you are next online.

I really hope that this has cleared things up for you and that the rest of your day is awesome! :slight_smile:

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Fixed too, Unfortunately that will take some time to fix from their side so I have corrected it for you ingame so you can continue with the Covenant quest chain.
I hope you get your help too :slight_smile:

Meanwhile I am getting a link to wowhead articles, for reseting ui and changing covenants… lovely


+1 Another satisfied customer.

Probably only “chosen ones” got manual help from gm to complete quest, others have to wait for a hotfix…

more likely there are a few employes who have gone through training and are actually doing their job and then there are others, who are there to do minimal work for the money

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I received the below reply from a GM. As I’m already at chapter 5/9 (with still no soulbinds whatsoever) purely by grinding heroics / RBGs etc. this reply did not help me at all, but there may be someone who can try it:

"Sorry for the trouble you’re having with these quests!

If you have picked up Anima is Strength and/or Bringing It All Together but are not able to see Arkadia Moa to turn the quests in, complete Chapter 1 of the Necrolord Covenant questline to correct your phasing.

If you have left the Necrolord Covenant questline, you should abandon these quests, as you will not be able to complete them."

For all the handicapped characters out there… I just figured you can pet Dreadfang about 22737 times until you receive a reply to your ticket. At least it’s something relaxing and meaningful to spend your time with :slight_smile:

I’m also bugged! :frowning:

So may be it will be fixed in next few months.
Its disgusting how little resources Activation-Blizzard puts into fixing gameplay bugs.
If that was store bug disallowing them to cash out on ppl it would be fixed in 10 minutes.
They don’t care about there’s paying customers!

Prob anything between next month and year. Its not store bug it would get fixed instantly!

Don’t be stupid. You think there’s a switch that they flip from “broken” to “fixed”? Someone has to figure out how and why. When they fix it I’m sure you won’t thank them, or acknowledge you were wrong. Sigh.


Draka with Power of the primus appeared for me, maybe hotfix is live
still 2 days wasted …:frowning:

Same problem here… My clan is under a mythic progress and i need to skipp second raid in this week, because “SUPPORT” cannot solve a simple problem under 30+hours… What it would be even if i pay for this game? Ohh… wait… I DO!

I think they just fixed it folks… I went back and Drakka finally told me to use my covenant abilities which started a domino effect where I was able to talk to the NPCs that I needed to. I’m on my way to get a soulbind after 2 days!! :see_no_evil: