Precog should only work for healers

Why should dps get mini bloodlust for juking a interrupt? The game is already in a horrible state for healers at it is.


It should be completely removed for everyone because some players can benefit from it more then other depending on what server you play because of latency.
So just remove it.

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we should remove the 15% haste for dps keep the 4 s immunity, most wizard with 4 s freecasting can do some serious hurt even without 15% haste proc :o
keep both effects for healers healing needs to feel like you can counterplay and rewarding if you juke :slight_smile: just my 2 cents


Half the time casters get it for free in solo shuffle due to no comms anyway
x2 kicks = free precog even if you don’t juke


Why should melee be able to get outplayed by having their kick faked and then be able to compensate that failure with other micro cc’s, making the outplay futile?

Remove the haste component as a bare minimum

Honestly best take so far I’ve seen

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