Premade Bg 07-01-2021

Its 15.50 atm this bg isd goin and a clear premade. Its even streamed on twitch…yet blizzard in there lazynes and incompetence dus not do a thing. Sorry but stop internal battle fix a issu. The bgs that premade are gettin very commen now. And tbh all to blame is lazynes and incompetence of blizzard. It even has a stream goin on it…how much proof u need ?.

Very hard to understand what you’re saying. You want to buy a dvd?

Simple. 1 there even prooof on twitch its a premade 2 Its largly run but russians. 3 They had maybe 1-2 deaths in ashran… 4 did i mention they premade and had a stream goin ?.
Yet blizzard is slow dealin with the issu like thay are with bots and automated multiboxers.

And what do you want blizzard to do about it?
Playing in premade isn’t against the rules.

Most likely its one of the russians just advertising their twitch here!

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