Premades and terms of use


This is not a whine post even thou it could be.

I am trying to figure out if using a community or addons to create 40man premades in random BG’s is actually against the terms of use of them game?

Does anyone know? (I have given up trying to get blizzard to actually respond as the support has gone all the way down the drain)

Nope, seasons greetings from the alliance


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i agree. it shouldnt be allowed to play with a group of friends in bgs!


According to one Mr. Demonhunter this rule should extend to arena as well

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Socializing in an MMO shouln’t be allowed :smiley:

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As far as I know there is no addon that allows you to quee with more than 5 ppl and if so link it pls


Okay so I see a bit of trolling here - Ofc you can play with friends and queueing up 5 people and joining a 40 man group is fine. But queing 40 against someone not grouped is never a fair game.

And look up some of the premades communities. If every 5 man group signs up at the same time and you wait for confimation that everyone got the same invite then you can join the same BG. It is being done.

However I am not one to break the rules, but I was just wondering if it was actually legal in terms of use.
Can I get banned for doing the same thing? Because if not. I think i would start a community for this and make myself some gold.

There is nothing against the tos in regards to joining bgs in a group. Unfair yes but then alot of things in this game are. A simple 2v1 in the open world is also unfair.

People like to tryhard in fun content.

blizzard hides bans (and annihilates discussions about them in a jiffy) and keeps the rules extremely vague in order to “Not allow new offenders to learn from the previous”. You never know, not in this game, at least.

On the other hand, blizzard tends to release dozens of changes without announcement, so this situation with premades can be different in future, who knows.

The easiest soultion to stop 30-40 mans preamdes is delete custop map q-s and make cross-faction fights. Or at least makes horde vs horde fights and delete custom maps q-s in EBGs. Less time q for horde players and much less premades. Everyone happy.

P.S. I don’t undertsand where is problems to do at least the same faction fights. So in RBGs its fine, in casual not? Wth? Even is much more LORe games like swtor cross-faction fights exist a long time.

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