Problem deciding what to main

Oh no, another one of those posts!!

I have a hunter and shaman, I want to main one, and use the other as an alt which I don’t do stuff like rep grinds and achievement hunt on, if you know what I mean.

This expansion I’ve been extremely casual. I find myself not grouping up a lot. Anyone give me some insight on what you may think would be best to main in the long run for Questing and rep grinds?

hm, right now i d say hunter is the more convenient one but that might change with shadowlands though.

before i went back to druid i was playing bm hunter a lot and it was great for soloing stuff. recently dinged 120 with my resto shaman and playing her on the side. shes nice but idk, i guess i d prefer hunter for world/(legacy)dungeon/raid content.

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Yeah I’m thinking hunter too, Leaning quite heavily towards it.

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Surely shammy is more convenient for easier content? Spirit wolf works in dungeons don’t it?

well, hunters can skill trailblazer which gives 30% speed buff once you re outfight for more than 3 secs.

edit: trailblazer isnt exclusive to bm, corrected that.

Plus it’s mobile ranged. Yeah I think ibk I know what I’m going with.

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Yeah, it works everywhere.

Out of the two I’d personally go with Shammy, just because they are more versatile (IMHO). You can play a caster, switch to enhance for melee, or even spec for healer.

thats the gist of it. it depends on what he wants to do. i d agree that shamans have more to offer playstyle-wise and are more versatile, but if he just wants to casually do world content and legacy stuff i think i d still stick with hunter though.

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For questing and rep grinds probably hunter. Shaman has ghost wolf but for old content and rep grinds I’d take instant spammable ranged AoE over a speed boost any day of the week. Hunter has post haste and aspect up pretty consistently anyway.


chants in the distance: trailblaze trailblaze trailblaze trailblaze :grin:

Hunter~ BM is one of best things to play in this game. Ranged class filled with instant abilities.


Shaman is more versatile, but Resto is wasted if you prefer to never play a healing role.

I consider Hunter to be better/easier for questing since the pet(s) take most of the aggro. Some people find the Hunter ability rotation too simple though.

Hunter sounds a good match for the content you like doing.

Plus whole rotation can be done while moving which is pretty damn good.

I love Enhancement shaman a lot, and I never manage to get into hunters.

So, Shaman!

Druid is braindead. It’s always a go-to for people who need a new main.

So is warrior.

Druid is more flexible too. You can play whatever you want, and all the specs are decently braindead and easy to learn. Except Feral, maybe.

Someone seem to have a grudge against druids.

All warrior specs are braindead too.

I don’t have a grudge. It’s factual that Druids are more accessible than most classes, and they’re the best class for grinding. That wasn’t meant to insult anyone playing a druid.