Problem with the current state of shadow

Shadow is an insanely fun spec for me to play, and I’m enjoying wow more than any game because of it. However the choices Blizzard has made regarding how certain abilities work is starting to make it unfun, and borderline frustrating.

Power Infusion and Fae Guardians should be self cast on shadow.

Currently both these abilities can be cast on others, if you are new to the spec then here’s a quick run down. Power Infusion is a 25% haste buff for 20 seconds, and Fae Guardians will knock off 20 seconds (soon to be 30 seconds if the ptr changes come through) off your major ability. Both of these abilities are extremely fun with shadow, the spec gains alot from haste, and its more interesting and engaging having windows where things are happening faster, and of course have voidform more often is always gonna be fun, voidform is the highlight of the spec.

However with these abilities not being self-cast only has led shadow to become, at high levels of play, a spec that plays a support role. This is un-fun for a handful of reasons. You are giving away one of your strongest DPS cooldowns, power infusion is huge, so good in fact that if you do give away power infusion you need to run the Twins legendary so you also benefit from Power Infusion when you cast it on an ally, which leads me to my next point. If you PI someone else with Twins, you are essentially not using a legendary, shadowlands legendaries are fun, however Twins is gameplay wise not a legendary. Nothing about your playstyle, damage or spells changes. Its just the same as if you were Power Infusing yourself.

Fae Guardians is another huge reason why shadow is becoming a support. Only one person at a time can benefit from its full effect, the Fae Fermenta Conduit changes this a little, but its mostly useless. I don’t think I need to explain much here, as you are giving away your covenant ability. Another fun system in shadowlands that shadow essentially isn’t using at high level play.

So, if you play shadow at the top level, you are playing without a covenant, without a legendary and playing a support role as a DPS spec. This playstyle is only gonna become more popular, I recently watched an MDI practice where they brought a shadow priest and all they did was Power Infuse and Fae Guardians the fire mage, and limit max mentioned how his guild experimented with a shadow priest giving away guardians and PI on their SLG pulls.

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Not sure how I feel about this.

I do understand ur point of view.

But then again, this is what makes bringing a shadow as well as maybe another priest healer so useful to the raid. It gives them utility something that some classes don’t have : /

Stam buff + 2 power infusions.

Also lets be hones the shadow legendaries are not very interesting.

But to conclude, i’m not sure where I stand with this.

Good luck

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