Problems in Torghast as Frost DK


can anyone point me to a guide for frost dk? What talents, epic and soulbinds do you run?

What combos to pick?

I am really having a hard time in torghast in the current patch 9.2.5


Hey, could you be more specific on what the gear on your dk is looking like and what layer are you running?

raider io /characters/eu/ antonidas/Crenshaw

Thats my geat. I was able to run torghast yesterday by going a lot lower on the recomended item level and beeing extra careful.

I think there are lots of combos you have to abuse and lots of special abilities (especially the rare creatures) to be aware of.

Thats why I asked about a guide or something.

I did try layer 11 (the one with my recomende ilvl) and was unsuccesful.

I would go with inexorable assault/murderous efficiency/blinding sleet/death pact/obliteration, also make sure to have a 2 hander with this build.

Also for conduits go for eradicating blow/accelerated cold/unleashed frenzy/appetite/shell/chilled resilience.

This build lets you nuke bosses, the downside is losing aoe pressure.

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