Professions to make money

I haven’t touched professions what are some easy ways of making money?

Easy and reliable, at this state of the expansion? None of them, really.

If you want to make gold, the easiest, most reliable way is farming the mission table on a horde of alts. Doesn’t depend on the market, doesn’t require excessive farming apart from the initial leveling, and is 100% self-sufficient.


If you have a bunch of 60s, I reckon Callings will get you 15K per character per week and the Mission Table will get you 8K per character per week, on average - though the Mission Table has a high timegate to get your followers up to level.

Your brains may melt out of your ears from decay, especially on this expansion’s putrid World Quests, and because there is no automatic addon to fill Missions this expansion, but it is reliable and easy.

Depending on your realm, crafted 200s may sell for people gearing alts, but Silvermoon seems like the kind of cut-throat market where profits could easily go negative.

Just forget the legendary base pieces. They’re impossible to make into any kind of business now.

Try for other ideas.

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