<Project Phantom> is now recuriting!

Project Phantom is recruiting! Ashbringer PvP EU Horde - PVE Guild - Raid times and days are Wednesday/Sunday 19:00 - 23:00 Server Time with all content on farm.
Naxx: 15/15
AQ: 9/9
BWL: 8/8
MC: 10/10
Ony: 1/1

We clear 13 Naxx bosses on one raid day and Sapp + KT with a little AQ40 raid on the other raid day to optimize loot. However, we aim to clear Naxx in one night.

About Project Phantom
The main goal of our adventure in Classic WoW is to experience all content and to clear it in a classic raiding manner.

Project Phantom may be a gaming community which focuses on having serious and efficient raids, but we also strive on building a fantastic nerdy community.

The search for drama-free, social, and very skilled players in order to keep strengthening our community never stops and we highly encourage friendly competition amongst our members in order to continue evolving as gamers.

Currently recruiting but also considering exceptional players:
1x Warlock
1x Mage

Please contact the Project management team ingame: colassaeus, Samahunter, Bexi, Spaceman

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