Prot paladin LF guild TBC

LF hardcore(semi) guild to start raiding as prot pala. My goal is level fast enough to be ready to raid as soon as possible. Stress tolerance, discipline and performance. Planning to MS Prot and OS Holy. Transfer OR rerolling faction, of course not a problem.

Bump, still looking, don’t mind re rolling.

“Stress tolerance, discipline and performance” we care about that
Apply here : https : //forms . gle/7VuwJ7Wg5pYmLn7x9
Discord contact : Raziel#8268

Hey, applied*

Hey there,

Have you found your perfect match guild yet?

Do you consider reroll horde pala in tbc?

add me on discord for talk #Juicyca#4549

Hey, added you, actually found :D.

Still looking for a prot paladin, on horde though
Feel free to message me on discord Boxingring#9582 and i’ll give you more info

Bump, still looking

Bump, still looking

Bump, still looking

hey your battlenet?

Add me on Dc Kreeftman#0727

We’re still looking for a paladin :smiley:

[H] Dreadmist <KINSFOLK> Semi-Hardcore Recruiting for TBC Check out this blogpost, we might be of interest to you. Otherwise, add me at Kwiddo#5634 on disc for a chat :slight_smile: