Providence (A) casual raiding guild recruiting!

Providence social/ casual raiding guild! Thursday and Sunday 2030-2300.

Currently closed on healer priests and raiding hunters! Shadow and all other classes/specs open!

MC 10/10
Onyxia 1/1

About Us
Formed from the start on Mograine, we’re a core of older players who played in the guild under the same name on the server Dragonmaw in vanilla. We have since added like minded members to our ranks, to form a solid stable core of players with which to enjoy Classic with, and progress the guild further.

We pride ourselves on building a friendly and welcoming guild atmosphere, where we have members of all level ranges, specs, experience and ability so no one is left out.

Socials are always welcome, regardless of level. We are actively looking to fill out our raid roster, and have space for all specs and classes.

What we offer (social)

Stable, fun and sociable community feel

A wide variety of level ranges, with guild dungeons run.

Help and advice from experienced players for those new to the game.

Experienced leadership.

What we offer (raiding)

Whilst we are more casual focused, when we raid we do take it seriously, with the aim of clearing content at our own pace.

Organised raids on. Thursday and Sunday.

Experienced raid leadership.

DKP loot system, run by the officer team. Including open and transparent loot priority.

No weekly attendance required. we understand that not everyone will make every raid not. All we ask is when sign ups are posted in the Discord, people let us know in advance of availability.

Perfect for both experienced and those looking to take the initial steps into raiding.

What we expect from you

Friendly, mature behaviour in the guild and fellow players. We enjoy the bants as much as anyway, but toxicity, abuse etc will not tolerated.

come prepared with knowledge of encounters and consumables. A checklist will be available in the Discord/website.

If this sounds like you please contact for a chat in game!

Kimla (GM)

Morticos (Assistant GM)

Rudslayeriv (Assistant GM)

Razzell (Assistant GM)

Paticorto (Officer)

Haworthia (Officer)

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