PSA Wednesday (6 Oct) Maintenance at 22:00 - 23:00 Realm Time

That’s a stupid time to make a maintenance.


So true. Only thing i wouldnt care is if we would get 9.1.5 for it :joy:

I actually came here to find out if it was either a joke, or didn’t involve disconnections during that time. I’m absolutely staggered that they would pick that time to schedule maintenance?! I mean we’re struggling enough as it is to keep guilds going and raids going - is this now going to be a regular thing? Blizzard work out what’s popular in-game and does something to prevent it or make it more difficult?


Only reason to even consider doing maintenance at that time is so there might be someone at work at their american head quarters. Even post-poning it by just one hour would make it much less of an issue.

I would hope Blizzard at least make an announcement on why they’re having this extraordinary downtime during Wednesday night raiding prime time…but I won’t get my hopes up. :slightly_frowning_face:


Came here to find this after posting about it on Reddit myself.
This is beyond and IMO deserves some sort of explanation for the interruption. I highly doubt many of my guild will be able to start early and therefore we will lose around half our raid night here.

Wish this could’ve been pinned - I still think people will miss it. As will all the people who don’t visit a forum and don’t read the breaking news (so basically I’m bumping it, but for a really good reason)


The forum doesn’t hit a big enough audience.


Well, I haven’t seen any of their announcement in game or in the launcher for ages. They plainly don’t show up for me for some reason.

Is showing up on the login screen for me (the Wednesday evening one has been there a few days)

Looks like this for me(Took it earlier just to show there’s none).

No announcement of any kind showing. None.

I see this


As an aside I have no idea what I have to do to get tier 3 back again. I am on here all the time!

This is huge, a lot of people wait for weekly reset to get in raid and have some fun. It’s the only thing that makes a lot of us play and it’s not a good move to put a mantainance in the middle of raiding on reset day.

Hope they can revert it and postpone their mantainance


I have the same

I think you’re missing a class there, you need a paladin to complete the set… :joy:


There are others!!!


"Welcome to Altoholics Anonymous. Why don’t you stand up and introduce yourself?"


I’ve been playing the game a long time, and I used to rocket farm every February :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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From German Twitter it seems that the game will be available, only bnet services like friend list will be unavailable

Can anyone confirm this?