PTR Error - No realms available


I recently wanted to try playing the PTR, but every time i start it, it just tells me there are no realms available. I asked support and they told me they couldn’t fix it and to try it on the forums.
From watching recent videos and articles, it doesn’t look like the PTR servers are down or under maintenance (especially for 4 days straight), so I’m asking if anyone also has this problem and how did they solve it?

The Error message:
No realms are currently available.(WOW51900309)


I have the same problem :confused: and I am a taker if a solution is found.


same error have ptr account but not copied character yet

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There’s an issue with some accounts not being able to get into PTR. Those people are getting “No Realms available” error.


How do you know? or better What does it mean some accounts are unable?
Is that a problem with an account or what?

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Because there have been people reporting this issue since the start of PTR. According to Blizzard it’s mostly the new PTR accounts. What’s the exact problem I don’t know I don’t have access to the server logs.

Blizzard answered on US forums that they are working on it. Since then there hasn’t been any update on this.

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