PTR HP numeric values not showing

I have reported twice the fact that we can’t see others HP in numeric values, it only shows in %
This is currently on PTR, for the beta I don’t have access myself so I don’t know…


Just keep reporting it I guess… no one else must have mentioned it.

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you changed the settings in interface ?

The health value of a target that is not a member of your group has always been displayed in % even in BC and classic. I don’t think they will change this now))

In vanilla and TBC yes, but in WOTLK it was possible to see anyone’s HP in numeric.

Up - just had access to the Beta and the issue is also there. Whether I select numerical values or both, I only see other’s players or NPC HP in percent. Please fix Blizz

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Yes fix it please, in original Wrath you could see hp of nps, mobs players everything with base UI