PTR notes are up

Fae conservatory seeds now stack more than 20. At a brief glance this is excellent! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Clickable link to the original source wow forum post:-

There certainly are a lot of nice things in there.


Ta muchly oh keeper of the clickable :stuck_out_tongue:

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Unfortunately legion m+ is not available :frowning:

Not in the first test build no, I doubt it will be long away though.

Let’s hope so, I can’t wait to spam MoS xD

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Just in case you weren’t joking Shumensko, Maw of Souls isn’t in the rotation :cry:

Also PTR isn’t actually up yet, right?

It’s up, and yes I was joking of course. I’ve had enough MoS spam back in Legion.
Not sure if all the stuff on wowhead is there, I only started it to check legion m+.

Ok, it still says 9.1 for me.

You’re right, it’s still the old ptr. Tried switching covenants after getting to renown 80 and prove your worth is still there.

OMG! tameable gromits!!

(and thats all I really took away from those patch notes…LOL)

I have tier 5 and I’m barely earning as many seeds as I plant… Not sure where people are getting all theirs from that they need to double stack :confused:

I’ve got about 60 of each. Aside from the weekly anima earn quest you should be getting them from any ardenweald calling reward.

Oh. I almost never do callings unless I happen to go to a dungeon where one is :smile_cat:

Most of my seeds come from the mission table. It just about breaks even…

Good start for the PvPers. What would be nice as well would be:

  • Rated PvP now awards Soul Ash & Soul Cinders up to your maximum Torghast layer.
  • PvP vendors now sell an item to socket a piece of PvP gear for 200 conquest points.

I’d rather do PvP than dailies, weeklies or reputation grinds.

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