PTR Spoiler/Discussion Thread

Oh, and I hope they’ll get rid of Renown come patch when it comes to progressing a campaign story. Personally I’d love a return to how it was done from MoP ( Operation Shieldwall/Dominace Offensive specifically) to BFA in that you progressed based on your reputation. That way everyone can progress at their own pace, either grind for it hardcore, or take it slow.

Seeing Danuser joking around about Morgraine, and acknowledging this is the most screen time he’s got in ages (as part of the Maw intro thing) is…

I just can’t even. Yes, fine, ‘Don’t harass the devs’ especially at the moment, but dear LORD I want to shout at him, because that is literally his job, if it’s noticeably bad that you are quipping about it then you are LITERALLY one of the key people to DO something about it you–!!

Imagine having the keys to the kingdom and just going “Lol, lmao” about things like that? Augh, that really riles me that does…

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All those die hard fanboys who praise Blizzard for this basic stuff they done are ultra cringe. And then there are:

omg finally a positive comment. so sick of people attacking blizz

Yeah lol glad i stopped playing


to be fair i would go “Lol, lmao” if i was given a position of power simply because i enjoy memeing and :poop:posting too much


Getting in a massive thread with someone on Bird App because “Devs shouldn’t have to deal with twitter users” and it’s like… I’m tired.

I’m bad at debates anyway, and twitters char limit really sucks, but you can acknowledge that there’s a lot of really unhinged, ignore-worthy people over there while also feeling that it is entirely valid that players should feel they can have some sort of communication with the development team, no?

Like, I’m not going insane here, right? It is entirely doable, at least according to all the instances of other game devs, both large and small, interacting with their communities to mostly positive outcomes, yes? That’s not some mental fever dream brought about the slow setting of the world on fire…?

I’m going back to being a pixel Jedi, having a mindset that errs towards wanting to fix things when people scream at you for it sucks…


Blizzard spitting on your dinner plate and acting like they’ve cooked you a five course meal has been a thing for a long, long while; “You can either have thing or a raid tier”, “you think you do, but you don’t”, [insert the S.E.L.F.I.E patch].

Now that the shine of Blizzard being much beloved and a golden-child has worn off, they’re not getting that trust any more and they’re still kinda acting like they have it. All they’ve really done is backtracked, nothing here is something that’s out of the blue. Nothing here is like “wow they’re really trying to grab me again huh?”

All jokes aside, it’s probably going to take something more than being able to play a “high” elf and making the game alt friendly to lure a lot of players back.

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Yes and no.

On the one hand, devs are people not Game Robot and expecting them to field questions from the ‘great’ twitter masses (unless they’re specifically asking for something) is…probably not great.

On the other hand, maybe there should be like…a communications account? Or multiple? Set up for this sorta thing? You know like how loreology was kind of a thing for a bit before :poop: people ran him off the platform.

Do that for things like customisation, lore, classes, etc., except probably don’t put an individual’s name on it. Maybe you could even hire some people back from your old customer support teams that you fired to fill those jobs…


I mean, if GW can have the WarCom account, it’s clearly doable tbqh …

I now want proper Shattered Hand options. Give them a couple of Mechagnome style hands for one hand and the long greasy hair!

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shattered hand should go take a shower


Give me leper gnome skins for normal gnomes and Ulduar mechagnome customisations for mechagnomes OR GIVE ME DEATH.

I mean now is the best time to get your demands from the team. All the customisation, all the QoL changes.
Player housing. If a indie team basically crowdfunded can implement a system, I’m sure megabucks Blizzard can do it.

Haha in ten chars

Highmountain Tauren have 5 or less customisation options in all but one of their customisation options. That’s pretty bleak.

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I’ve been sending this too Blizzard for like… three or four weeks now:

Death Knight & Warlock pet/glyph system. The lack of a ice troll ghoul and Felwalker/Firewalker pet. A glyph that’ll replace a Death Knight’s Ghoul, Army of the Dead and Apocalypse spell with ice troll ghoul pet(s) and for the warlock a glyph that’ll replace your voidwalker with a Fel and Fire elemental variant of the standard voidwalker.

Lets see if they catch on that I really, really want a Felwalker for my warlock and a ice troll ghoul for my troll death knight!

I would’ve suggested a full replacement of warlock demon pets with undead using glyphs (esp with the new Necromancer appeareances from Necrolords), but alas.

Highmountain are the customisation options for normal tauren, not a different playable race :smiley:

To be honest most allied races should just be folded into the actual ‘parent’ races and that’s my tepid take for today.


I’ll admit it, I’m feeling a bit hopeful again

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Agreed, the only races that could really stand on their own as new playable allied races are:

Void elves, Nightborne, Zandalari and Vulpera, the rest are just a bunch of customisation options given a entirelly new race.

Made it my

Made it my personal mission tbf, I’ll keep demanding™ it!

Just don’t get too carried away. They won’t give us anything more than they feel they must.