Public crafting orders bugged?

Since they changed the public orders to 4 per day, it’s been stuck at 0 remaining since I crafted 4 on Wednesday. Does anyone else have this issue?

I crafted one order and lost 2. So yes something is not working as intended. Not sure why it was reduced so heavily either. Must mean there are no real orders going through the system. Meaning it’s NOT working as intended. And no blue post will convince me otherwise.

It was made so because it encouraged high skill level crafters to gather up and do every craft order available, so they get extra resources from resourcefulness procs.

This left those who are trying to level up their profession without work orders to do. If you only have 4 to use you will be more inclined to avoid touching the cheap crafts, leaving more for others to do and progress their profession.

I think at this point the change will not have a positive effect until the next tier arrives, or sparks become more readily available.


I don’t care why they changed it, but it’s not working properly :stuck_out_tongue: I’m not getting 4 orders per day right now, I mainly use it for the commission gold but I don’t get the chance to do anything.


That definitely needs a look at, my post was mainly aimed at the other post in the thread. Crafting order limit have been buggy for as long as I remember using it.

That has been a thing since expansion launch though. Unless you hardcore camp the work order npc you will barely find any work orders up.

I think that can also be attributed to the fact that many have a hard time getting used to work orders overall.

If I see a Public order, I just /w the buyer and tell them to send it to my Private order, and explain it just saves me a Public order credit.

I’ve never had anyone decline.


this is still ongoing issue for few days already. I can do one order per day. ONE. Even if there is number two - still craft one and they are all gone.

More like "You can currently fill 2 more public orders. -17h remaining until more orders are avaiable. -Then you crat - two instead of one are gone! And you have to wait again.

Not working as intented i guess, bugged for new crafters that needs to learn new stuff completely unuseable.

Still waiting for any response on this topic from blizzard.


ps. same issue on US forums

Public Craft orders - Charges consumed wrongly - Support / Bug Report - World of Warcraft Forums (

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Today. Did one order, lost 2 charges.
Before doing the one order, the recharge timer said “-1 hours until another charge”.
I missed first craft opportunity because of this. It has been going on since 10.0.5 release.

This has been happening since the patch dropped and folks have been complaining and making in game bug reports. You would think this would be a priority to fix but apparently not. The dev or devs behind the crafting system should just admit it is a failure and knocking their heads against the wall is not going to fix it. Just revert crafts back to the AH.

We both know that’s not going to happen. Best you’ll get is a silent drop of the system in 11.0. I enjoy the order system, but I hate the overly-grindy crafting talent system. It’s unnecessarily grindy.

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The crafting system is a good idea in theory, but the implementation Bizz chose is p*ss poor. As a jewelcrafter trying to level, I never see public orders for anything I can make. And I can’t level past 80 without crafting stuff - since the good items seem to all be BOP, I can’t gather mats and then sell on the AH either.

I suspect that most of the action is in the guilds, where their crafters get private orders, and already have their skill at a high enough level to be able to guarantee higher quality results.

Not going to join a guild. Probably won’t renew the subscription either, since there’s no real way forward for casual players.

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I can confirm, this has been happening to my crafter as well. After 24 hours I still have only 2 available orders to fill and when I do one, it drops to zero available.

I can confirm this is occurring to me as well.
Very frustrating when the weekly is craft quest is 3 orders!

Lost 2 public orders for making only 1. Loss of knowledge now, hope Blizz put in some extra knowledge points to compensate

It’ still same…

Same for me. Crafting an item is using 2 charges instead of 1 and and the 4 charges are not resetting daily. :smile:


Are you going to do something about this?
It should really be hot fixed by now…

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Don’t hold your breath. I know of a few rather annoying bugs reported early in Shadowlands that never got fixed. Since there are so few public orders to compete for to begin with, I doubt they’ll even consider trying to fix it.

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