PunishRP - Zandalar alliance guild


PunishRP - zandalar alliance guild

( amended due to response )

Hey there, me and a number of friends are making a guild for classic on zandalar RP-PVP server. We are a social casual guild but towards end game content will ramp up for pvp and pve, we expect to raid twice a week and in between we will be organising pvp events and pvp groups in which we expect people to be active.

We intend to Gank horde in world carrying out raids on the opposing faction, we intend to be one of the best pvp guilds, disrupting the horde anywhere we can.

We want to be the most disliked guild from the opposing faction and for you to be part of it. As mentioned we will be focused on progress late game with raiding but we primarily are looking for a good social group and all about having a laugh causing as much grief to the opposing faction.

Currently we have 15 members just through friends of friends, we are a nice friendly group who just want to experience wow as we first did and have that nostalgia of ganking the other faction and becoming enemies with people. ( we have experienced players as the majority of us started in the original game )

We have a discord currently in which we are on most nights discussing the game, we have people with certain responsibilities such as raid leader and organiser, pvp organiser, and currently working on building other positions.

I can add the discord details if people are interested to join up, with the run up to classic we are preparing as much as possible organising teams and classes ( we are currently short on healing )

So if this tickles your pickle, you are more than welcome to join us


Awesome I’m also on zandalar tribe see you their


Great !

If you want to join give me a shout


Sweet just the kind of guild I’m looking for


Sounds great! See you on Zandalar!!!


I hear you get bonus guild points if you are a gnome :+1::wink::joy:


Guildname: PunishRoleplayers. Rolls on an RP server… wut?


Seems like a bunch of ABoG copycats with less entertainment value.


I want to flag your post as being inappropriate. Can’t create a guild on a RP server to troll role players.


As long as he only disrupts the RP of the opposing Faction in PvP he is totally allowed to do that. And I doubt the name would be against any Blizzard policy.


If he wants to joins a RP realm he should respect the people who play there, not “grief” them for being role players, as the guild name suggests and as he himself states in the ad. And no, “PunishRolePlayers” is in no way, shape or form a suitable guild name for a RP realm.


That’s one way to get reported for harassment of roleplayers. If this was a private server guild, they’re going to have a pretty harsh reality check when those temporary bans hit them.

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Except you don’t get banned for ganking another factions RP event if they have PVP toggled on and false reporting will just result in your account being unable to use the report system for a while and may even end in a suspension


ABoC got away with causing a mass exodus of RPers via sustained ganking from Defias Brotherhood to Argent Dawn in 2012, and back then Blizzard actually had any GMs reviewing reports instead of the automatized crap we have today. If you are afraid of evil Alliance/Horde players griefing your RP events in PvP zones, I recommend you to roll on Hydraxian Waterlords.


There is ganking and there is griefing, these are two different things. For example, ganking priests that are trying to complete Benediction quest is considered griefing and a bannable offense. Specifically disrupting role playing activities on a RP server is griefing, no matter if it is cross faction or not. If you read his guild ad, that’s exactly what he is recruiting people for - griefing role players. Guild name has to be changed and the ad needs to be rewritten in a RP style.


So I changed the description due to people reacting and being upset.

At the end of the day the post was fine and we want to pvp the opposing faction, like back in the good old days and cause drama and good friends. If you don’t like pvp then don’t join a pvp realm, we will Gank and disrupt horde wherever possible.

Can’t be banned for playing the game.


“and the ad needs to be rewritten in a RP style”

Or else? Are you going to report it to big Daddy Blizzard?


I’m not against PvP on a RP PvP server. I’m saying that the guild ad needs to be rewritten because it’s inappropriate, and the guild name needs to be changed. These are the things that can be easily enforced.
My personal feeling towards folks who are not into RP but roll on a RP PvP realm because they want to get it easy and understand that they would get trashed by their peers on actual PvP realm, are outside the scope of this discussion.


Thanks for your reply, I understand your point and I’ll take note and adjust it to suit.

How is the ad inappropriate ? We have stated we are a guild on the RP server, looking to punish the other faction via pvp since it is a pvp server.

Pvp raiding is part of the game, if you are offended you really should not be in a pvp server


Just don’t make it sound personal. You don’t have to go after people on a RP realm for being role players. This community has been asking for a RP PvP realm for a long time. Nobody prevents you from playing there but don’t make your guild ad sound like “aha we are recruiting dudes to mess up these role playing quirs”.