Purge spam needs a penalty

Shammies spamming purge and losing next to no mana needs a change. Make purge use more mana, all I hear in arena is “Purge” and they still have near full mana after a billion uses.


There is already a penalty, they don’t heal or do dmg.
I know it’s frustrating for some comp but if the guy spam purge it means your team doesn’t have any pressure.


They deal indirect damage with it by purging hots/shields/defense cds and also indirectly heal with it, by purging offensive cds.

Otherwise nobody would purge!


You do the same thing when you do dmg on shields/hots too, purge is similar in the end.

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I don’t understand some people in this forum. On one side they want mage survival nerfed and complain about triple shield passive healing but on the other, they want the only thing nerfed which counters it. Also, purge exists and functions like this since this game’s first introduction and now after 17 years it shall be a problem?

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Why should you be able to spam a button that completely counters Rdruids without taking any penalty for it? It’s a no brainer spell. At least with Mages they OOM after 5 spell steals.


I mean resto druids are, objectively speaking, the best healer for PvP. They have a huge arsenal of utility, mobility and their healing style is perfect for PvP. Purge is basically their one and only great counter. They aren’t even, in contrast to other healers, good targets to train. You can’t balance somehing like that out without nerfing their healing output in general or building in some strong counter.

Deals pitiful dmg and gets outhealed by passive lifesteal.^^

But it does damage!


Dunno that talent was good I think back in Legion but got nerfed hard at some point and is just bad since then. Should be removed tbh, just a dead talent atm…

Axchually Drainer God X marks the spot :slight_smile:

No, they are not lol.

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Yes they are. Rdruid has everything this season

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Have you checked 3vs3 top? Count how many resto druids you see there.

eh you put alot of pressure from the enemy team away just by purging and shifting the pressure so you can see it that way aswell. But yeah in general i dont think its an issue other than the fact that double purge comps are pretty common right now

2 of the top druids is the same person aswell :wink: But yeah druid is still insanely good regardless but alot of rsham + sp’s qing nowadays

Purge use to cost mana, not like it is now. Brainlessly purging, have to be penalty no mana. To counter mages, no need 50 purges

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Double purge or even triple purge team is insane vs some kind of comp but not a broken issue in general imo especially these days with all the billion magic proc you have to purge before getting the one you want.

I guess in 3s except sp and rsham(dépend of the comp) you can’t purge that much to make it a broken ability.
I even noticed as rps vs resto druid I spam purge whole game and it barely does anything.

Had some games against spriest +rshaman it’s just impossible to heal.
One game rshaman did like 50 purges meanwhile his insta heals healing his machine arms war. Lifebloom spam isn’t enough.

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nah purge is not a problem in general imo so it should be fine. Game would be much more boring for healer if they couldnt spam purge. Talking from a priest PoV

thats why rsham + sp counters you as druid