PvP = 385 ilvl / PvE = 400+ ilvl


So if I understood everything correctly, the highest item level you can get from PvP next week (no matter the rating) will be 385.

From the PvE Raid on HC however you can get 400+ ilvl with 5 traits on azerite pieces, so we are once again forced to play PvE.

Thanks once again Blizzard, you will never fail to let down the pvp community

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Only gotta last until summer, then it’s classic time

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Classic is not as good as people think and it is hard to play well for many classes. For example, hunter pets did not scale with gear and hunters had min range for autoattacking/abilities ( a deadzone).

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I have already been playing classic during nost and now on northdale, so please


That’s perfect though, and I don’t have to spend my time sitting in LFG all day

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Some may like it, a lot won’t. I see people who have never played vanilla thinking it was the best thing ever. A lot of stuff was more broken, for example it was possible for rogue to 1v1 kill people with 0% chance to fight back. CC to death. I think one rogue did it while naked if memory serves me well.

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Classis was never about 1v1 . Hell after wotlk the game became more 1v1 friendly . But classic was about the journey ,the fun, the society.


damn right no arena in classic cant wait for rogue god mode

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You do realize m+ was capped at 355 the first week, while pvp was not? Literally everyone who was serious about mythic progression had to sit and grind arena/rbg for gear.

Also on another note, you’re going to be in for a bad time if you don’t want to pve and remain competitive in classic.


I don’t have anything against pve in classic because it’s not as boring as in BfA


Less then 2 week and my torment (subscription) ends. Cant tell u guys how relieved i am. Enjoy Bfa.

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what exactly is not as boring as bfa PvE in vanilla? cus it cant be the actual mechanics of mobs / bosses or the pace.

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You need to do something else for a single week. What a first world problem.

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To much drama for no reason. its only a week

If you can push 2400+ in one bracket and spend only one hour a week to do the mythic+ cap dungeon you get.(dont tell me for a 2400 exp pvp guy is hard to do a +10 dungeon, you dont even have to do it in time)

1)415+ pvp box
2)410 dungeon item or 415 azerite dungeon from box ,titan residuum for targeted item and maybe a drop at the end of the dungeon.
3)Random 2400 scale item drops plus trophies which can be used on gem items which make them quite op.

Olso its easy for a 2400 pvp guy to do heroic/mythic raid(even few bosses) for another 400/415 item chance .Most pve guys wont have the chance to push even 2100 for an extra item because most of them have zero exp in pvp.

Pvp azerite 5 ring gears looks good, i have checked them for retri and it seems like i dont need to do any pve for better traits.

Seems like a 2400 person will have more chances to get top gear than a pve guy , you just need to spend only one hour a week to do a m+

2400+ players will be ahead in gear earlier than most mythic Raiders.

Nnogga from Method is 387 ilvl with full mythic raids and dungeons every week , while i am 388 ilvl gear from 2400+ rbgs and one dungeon per week.
Comparison between a guy who is raiding with the top pve guild in the world and a guy who is mostly defending stables. Still got more i lvl than him

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True, 1 +10 a week is super easy. Especially if you get that rio up early. If you got 2400+, one +10 should be a piece of cake.

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The irony is that in Classic PvE gear is lightyears better and easier to get than PvP gear lul.


What you’re saying is weekly cap reward… end of the week chest is still higher. Just like how the weekly cap is now 355 - 370 ilvl. It will up by 30 just like pve.
Chest reward is also upped by 30, meaning Elite rewards are upped from 385 to 415. PLEASE get your facts straight before crying out trash like that


Which post did you even read?


There is 400 ilvl, it starts after the second cycle. Its starts at week 10.

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