PvP 50% winrate

Will pvp truly never be a 50/50 experience where were not sure which side will win, will it always be that on some servers that you already know you’ll be winning 2 out of the next 20 matches and you are supposed to think that is fun…also winning 18/20 is hardly fun or an interesting challenge.

Can this really not be resolved? Could those who constantly lose receive a buff to make it more interesting…can something not be done? No wonder Horde have long queues and you always get bonus honor as alliance, you are going to lose anyway and when you play players are like “well its all honor so what the hell give up take the extra honor its not worth the trouble”… ONE BIG /SIGH

Oh look at me im solo killing this human ha ha isn’t it so great…what you don’t realise is he went to make tea a minute ago and doesn’t care and you are happy and he gets honor and everyone else just realises the whole thing is completely RUBBISH???


Is this question can we force a 50/50 win rate? Because the answer would be no.

It’d be abused. And enforced win rates really improve much but cause players to start afking certain rounds as they become aware the games going to ensure they lose.

The only way to see a improvement here is to encourage more top end players to play alliance. And its not that hard realistically.

Since the racial rebalancing we see plenty of times over. For some classes alliance races are the best options. The problem is

It will cost a shed load of money to transfer all ur chars to the opposite faction and have to then transfer servers and your likely on a highly unbalanced server

The real problem occurs when u reliese blizzards never going to lose potiental profit to fix the population imbalance problems.

So no sadly they aren’t going to force a fix here.

How about letting the alliance be horde mercenaries regardless of populations?
It would help mix up the player pool


It would also increase horde queue times by a lot. So no thanks

At start yes, but it will encourage more horde to merc as Alliance as well and enrich the gene pool there which will fix the win/loss ratio to an extent.
Eventually there will be no “faction that almost always wins” cause both teams will have people from both factions, improving them or hindering them.


no, there are significantly more alliance death knights and thus the alliance will lose far more often.

Currently Epic Battlegrounds seem to be about 50/50.

Isle of Conquest is a BIG win for the Alliance in ANY region.
Just like AV is a huge win for Horde in ANY region.
F4CK forcing winrates.
LoL does that crap and people hate it.
If you lose you deserve it.
If you win, you deserve it.

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So one deserves to lose most of the time for being the “wrong” faction no matter how hard they try to do the BG correctly…
The whole faction separation is damaging the PvP balance one way or another.
As long as we have one faction that wins more cause people consider it better turning into a self fulfilled prophesy it will never end

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Play better. motivate your own to do better.
Lead BGs, call incs, if people wanna win they will do the same.
People’s desperate rants here NEVER match my experience in PvP.
I have only (Funny enough) stomped one Russian premade in a Battleground, other Alliance Pugs GAVE A FIGHT.
Im not a trash player per se, I know how to PvP since it’s my main type of content.
Instead of being a sore loser, try and do something about it.
Horde also gets stomped.

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I have played this game for more than a decade, I know that my efforts to tell people what they are supposed to do in BGs are resulting to either nothing happening or people venting on me instead.

The Lemmings Union is currently almost full of people who have already decided to lose as soon as things do not go 100% their way.
Yes the horde also does get stomped but a lot less often. I did the old AV on both this monk and my orc warrior and the experience was night and day. Even on the times that they lost, they did gave a fight instead of just being squeezed all the way to their base until they lose all the graveyards and spawn back to the cave.

I can only do my best to do what I can inside the BG (including calling incs and passing info) with the tools that I possess. I cannot control 9 to 39 other people do play as they should.
Perhaps you should play more Merc mode instead of in the faction that actually believes they can win and make that belief a reality.

https ://www .youtube .com/watch?v=PGULyZjdJdE

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My two cents, I already have pvp experience from other expansions and BGs, not saying this as if I had been playing retail for years, Epic Battlegrounds are absolute TRASH.
Immersion is killed because there is only one single way to do an epic battleground.
Epic Battlegrounds never prove which faction is better.
WSG, AB, Seething Shore are in my opinion the best to know and see who is trying and who isn’t.

Once upon a time the AV was sometimes won with a head on clash and a contest of resources… not anymore…
Anyways I will link the stats from Korrak’s revenge on my monk and my warrior to show the experience that lead me to rant like that.

The Orc warrior would had won even more but the last 4-5 AVs were done after the bug which removed the korrak queue for people who were not in an instance so the worst of the Lemmings Union could not join anymore

Im not saying any of your statements aren’t true, but did you read mine?
I know Korrak was filled with people who didn’t even bother playing.
In my opinion, doesn’t quite count as pvp since probably 50% of Alliance only wanted to lvl alts.

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Leveling alts means mostly having less exaggerated character stats (btw the orc warrior was an alt I was leveling).
I get why levelers would would be fine with a quick loss, in that case why were the majority of the team dragging the match in DB?
Perhaps if they ignored the horde players and all run south then maybe they would have a more efficient grind considering the shorter queues.
I think it is more of a case of many of these guys not even having an idea about how they can get what they want.
Yes I saw your statement about epic BGs and I see the point. That is mainly the devs fault for not rebalancing these BGs.
Personally I am a fan of the larger scale battles and tactical aspects, I am usually one of the people getting or retaking towers and I avoid killfarms.

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This 1000%

I think you reach a point where you finally understand that you cannot change the way anyone else plays, and if you’re sensible you learn to bite your tongue and just do your bit.

I used to try so hard to get people to understand what they were doing wrong and did perhaps more than my fair share of raging at ‘noobs’ for playing like idiots. When nothing has changed 15 years later you have to admit defeat.


Totally agree with Bjornson and Sindara on this.
I generally haven’t bothered with giving “advice” on tactics etc for years now as barely anyone listens or understands. I just to stick to calling incs or asking for help to defend or recap places. In a solo queue random BG or eBG you’ll never get enough people to agree and stick to a strategy.

I’ll repeat here what I said in a post from Feb 2019:

"For me, the only way to stay sane in BGs is to accept that a proportion of your team really don’t know what they are doing or are on a different wavelength with different goals. That way you can just get on with it and hope some like-minded people are doing the same thing as you.
Otherwise you’d foam at the mouth and starting ranting, gibbering and calling everyone in your team every name you could think of. "


I only do randoms r now. My stats win rate is not v good, but I think it’s improving… the losing streaks screw up my stats hehe! In general, I get a mix of losing and win streaks, or win/loss sessions. Catching up the stats to 50% is a challenge!

I try to help in bg chat, but recently I realized I was overdoing it and verging on jerkdom. Scaled it back, limiting the amount I say anything, try to only make positive statements, and if team not listening just stop suggestions rather than get uppity and increase em.

I am no expert, low rated, etc. But it seems like by being positive there’s a better chance to win. Negative ruins morale, loss.

Find bgs lottsa fun regardless of outcome, except when quitters start their nonsense. Only time bg not fun for me,

Today I got arathi basin 5 times on eu bg. I told them we are 5 people premade. Stick to our plan. Then 5 people from tarren mill said we are 5 people premade too. Lets work together. We won 1500-238 first bg with that tarren mill premade and my premade.

Then we got 2 more that tarren mill premade. They said great again same 5 people premade we will win easy.

If they listen its easy.

Then few hours later I queued arathi basin again as 5 people. Everyone were horde except us.

I told all to gm + middle. Entire horde mercenaries worked with us we won that bg around 1500-200 too on arathi basin. None went lumbermill…

If they listen and work as team and not put their opinions you win easily. Alliance just put their opinion and they tell nah we will go lumbermill.

Horde mercenaries play more team play when you tell your plan to them.

Win rates are closer to 50% than most may expect.

I just quickly checked your profile and tallied up your results Vladan - You have 402 games played and 173 wins overall in BGs, considering, it’s very close to 50% and not a massive pool of games yet either, I’d say it’s pretty close.

At this time players actually have to power to influence their win ratio in PUGS by queing 5 players so in theory (assuming you didn’t premade already that is) you could probably go higher than 50% win ratio… but of course that’s going to come at somebody elses expense, you might have also been subject to it already.

Population imbalance is another beast, I used to play on quiet/dead servers and the difference is night and day to my gaming experience, dead realms specifically offer a much worse experience imo and the only reason there hasn’t been mergers or stronger attempts to balance is because the system is monetized and plenty pay in to it, so I completely agree with your second to last statement.

Much of the incentive to play alliance (faster ques) is stripped as players over 110 on horde ONLY can que the alliance faction, this in itself is a just reason for somebody to play horde and no doubt contributes to poor balance in factions.