PvP 50% winrate

So the horde can queue as horde if they need to win and as Alliance if they just want to queue fast and chill/semi afk.
Meanwhile the Alliance can only queue as Alliance with all the Allied players who have given up on going out of their way to win and the mercenaries who probably do not care that much for anything other than the faster queue

No lol… you shouldn’t be rewarded for being bad.

A much better reward for overcoming bad odds then?
Otherwise a quick loss ends up being more efficient in the mind of most Lemmings.
The winnings in the betting on horse races work that way too.

The current H to A population in the BGs is testament that most players bet on the red horse.

Could be an interesting idea. Some kind of betting system.

People on our faction could i don’t know grow some balls and not throw towel immediately when poop hits the fan.

It does not mean instant defeat if other faction gets ahead it only means that then you roll your sleeves and give 170% and grind their bones to dust and use their skulls as cups.

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