PvP Community - Deleo Hostem is looking for members!

Hello Grunts,

Deleo Hostem (Kazzak) PvP (and a little PvE) guild & community! With cough exceptional PvP-ers, our main goal for the guild is to keep up the social atmosphere, so people actually look forward to logging on for a good time, rather than grinding whatever content is out with random people.With that idea, we created a Deleo Hostem casual PvP guild. The guild is started with the sole purpose of getting a friendly community up and being an open guild for players with a switching workshedule, kids and IRL.

If you are hardcore PvP-er with a focus to get 2.6 rating, please don’t join us. Our idea is to host one RBG event a week, with a fixed group to have fun and push a little. We are using Discord for communication and enjoy a voice chat when we play. Do you want to set up a casual raid group? You welcome to join us!

Deleo Hostem community specifically designed to bring together both factions to play together in PVP related content. At the moment, the main events organised by this community are rated battlegrounds.

What we expect from you as member:

  • You are able to provide your own consumables and repairs.
  • You are over 18 years of age, friendly and relaxed.
  • You can speak and write English enough to communicate during PVP events.
  • You are able to learn from your mistakes and understand instructions.
  • You must have a sense of humour, able to take a joke without being offended.
  • You have access to Discord and are able to use voice communication.

Want to join as (social) PvP-er, you are welcome to join us in our guild!

Deleo Hostem

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We are still looking for the last numbers to fill our RBG team!

Hey there, what are you looking for to fill your roster? :grin: I’ve got a bear and lock (both geared and currently over 1.6k in RBGs) with 2.4k BFA exp looking for somewhere to hang my hat.

We have room for one healer (no monk) with dps spec. atm!

Hi Moontorch,

If you can add me on battle, we can talk about your apply.

Hope to talk with you soon.

Hello Everyone,

We still have room for

  • Healers (Druid/Pala)

  • Mdps (warrior/rogeu/dk)

  • Rdps (Mage, Hunter, Boomkin, Lock)

  • Tank (pref druid/pala)

Feel free to join us on discord to have a chat. You can find us on wow guilds.

Hope to speak with you soon,
Deleo Hostem

Are you guys still recruiting ? What else do you get up to apart the odd RBG. Im a returning player so yet to level up and haven’t a clue about this expansion .

U guys still looking for players?
I am MM hunter (can play survival to)
Looking for a steady team to push with.

(1,9k exp in previous expansions in arena 2v2)


We still are playing, currently we are not doing RBG’s. Because of the lack of players.
But you welcome to join our community and our discord :slight_smile:

you guys still about?