PVP Enchant

So they added the tabard but no enchant?
Does it need that much of a time to be implemented or am I missing something here
there isn’t any update regarding that it just magically disappeared from the patch notes
If it was some PvE mount there’d be a blue post already.


Hello there.

The illusion will be successful as long as it resembles a glorious or demonic tyranny with more (crimson) lightning, thus perseverance will be rewarded.
The particle density will remain the same, despite the fact that the visual is not exactly the same as it was in the past.


Judging by the tabard and cloak - the enchant is going to be terrible


classic blizzard and garbage illusion


what? is that a quote?

I mean, every single enchant after legion it’s been downhill, 99% of people want the old stuff from mop wod and legion…
Idk why they keep adding these trash illusions since bfa lmfao


tbh dreadflame was solid compared to the shadowland illusions


Imagine calling it Crimson season then making the tabard beige


I will call it already. The enchant will be the same effect there is on the elite set head and shoulders: Those red/orange thunders/lightning stuff.

I personally find it absurd and immersion breaking. Why do the sets which are made out of stone/molten lava have lighting coming out of them? It looked better before 10.0.5 when the effects were disabled. I wish there was an option to turn them off.

Ye dreadflame kinda okay, but it feels like it’s missing some particles tho.

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To be honest, Dreadflame is one of the better ones.
Yet still lagging behind demon tyranny and glory.
If SL S1 Sinful had the same particle density as glory/demo but in black, it would be much better.

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sinful flame is kinda okayish but s2 and s4 sl is just light versions of the s1 and s3

and s4 ist just a troll

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also the resemblance to a grreen leather chest…
Ill never get it so its pure fun for me :rofl:

Sinful Flame was pretty cool and unique.
Not as flashy as the other ones, but definitely unique and easy to recognize.

If only they hadn’t put that lousy feather animation on it. I really hope they do a new all-black enchant illusion, without that kind of animation and just keep the particle density of it the same, then it’ll be awesome.

we still wait illusion…

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It should be a huge wild effect like those primal illusions but we know it will be some garbage instead

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i call it will look like the sl s4 but not so flashy …

U can do that. You have the item twice in the mog thing. Dont rly understand it tho. Looks way better now.

I would argue that it’s among the top 5 best enchants in the game i always use it on my katana.

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