Pvp gear in TBC pre-patch

Super straight forward question. Is it possible during a potenial TBC pre-patch to grind BGs and buy 6/6 of the rank 12/13 gear and a 2h GM weapon? I dont care it will be replaced quickly. I have always loved that gear but have not had time to grind throughout my Classic journey.
Thank you very much for your input!

Super straight forward answer: Yes.

Bonus: Grinding bloods in AV will allow you to becomes exalted with Silvermoon/Exodar… which means you could ride/buy their mount on release.

Bonus: Taurens can ride the War Raptor in prepatch.


I didn’t know… ranked my tauren to 11 and never bought the raptor. Oh well my own fault.

Thank you for the info!

In TBC pre-patch it was possible.

Will TBC Classic have an absolutely the same pre-patch? Likely but can’t know for sure.

Thanks for your input lads. Do you know if the gear/weapons were bought with the actual honor or the BG markis?

You need both honor and marks, but they go hand in hand don’t they.
Be warned, you will need a lot of AV badges :sob:.

Thanks, atleast I can stock 20 of each before a potenial pre-patch.

They will likely separate the Vanilla Classic/TBC Classic community before that patch. I have no interest in being able to buy honor rewards for marks/honor, I thought that was a stupid decision back in the day and it’s stupid now.

If there is gonna be a pre patch that includes the pvp gear etc, then they need to let people that are intressted in continuing playing classic on phase6 copy their characters to another realm before the patch. Would not make sense having forever p6 servers and everyone running around in rank12-14 gear.

Let alone with the TBC talents that should come with the pre-patch

I hope we get the talents early. Would be fun to try naxxramas with tbc talents and class changes. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Yeah definitely, but they shouldn’t be part of an eternal Classic, that’s what I meant.

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btw if I got my numbers right: for the FULL lvl 70 blue pvp set you need 65250 Honor 80 AB marks 50 AV marks.

As long they don’t reset honor between prepatch and actual TBC release, so you should be able to prefarm the honor & marks for the FULL blue lvl 70 set during the prepatch.

tho the honor cost might be slightly higher than the numbers I have according to some wowhead comments since honor cost was overall higher for stuff during patch 2.0, but even with the maximal honor cost per item, you would still get 4/5 of the blue pvp set.

honor cap is 75k, and mark cap 100 each btw.

Totally agree. That would almost be classic + :grin:

On many servers the required honor/week to rank up to the higher ranks is like a third of what you needed ‘back in the day’ so to speak so if we do get the ‘forever’ servers eventually most people with even a small interest in PvP will be able to get up pretty high.

That is if Blizzard leaves pool boosting in to even allow forcing open bracket 1.

Valkia, thats the opposite. You can even feel the difference right now. The less players ranking the smaller the pool is and it gets harder to rank. Br1 got like 2 spots on most servers that dont do gnomes anymore.

So, do Night Elves and humans get to ride the mechanical strider? The best mount in the game…

Excuse me, I believe you misspelled Winterspring Frostsaber.

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