PvP gear upgrade system is complete garbage

  1. Vendor sells unranked gear with veteran track even if you are elite rating. Only way to get gear that matches your rating is through the vault, which is 1 item per week at the most.
  2. Crest drops from Shuffle/Arena are a joke(3 crests for a 6 game shuffle???, 2 for arena???)
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They said in Blizzcon that we won’t have to deal with Vault in TTW PvP. We get everything from doing PvP only. Im guessing systems that went in in DF were designed by clueless woke people who don’t work for them no more or Ion finally got the message.

Also notice how amazing and useful new Honor PvP gear is now in S3. Gearing improved instantly after Holinka left. Making new Season Honor gear stronger than previous Counquest gear design should have never left.

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