PvP has never been this broken

Arena has never been so unbalanced.
PvP used to be about skill and teamplay. Now, its all about the spec you play.
Proto paladins healing more than a healer, doing more dps than a dps and havik 60k hp and bop.
WW non stop burst and cc
Sub/fire is too much cc and burst.
Convoke 1 shots.
Ret wings.
All these examples of 1 shots have no place in arena. They require 0 skill to execute and can rarely be countered.
I gave up on PvP today as all I get as enemy team are 1 shots and it just isnt competitive anymore. Its a joke, much like the people that designed it.


I ve read this title every single season I ve played so far.

you remember the past better than it actually was.


If prot pallys healing more than pure healer than those healers should learn to play.

Stop crying and learn your class. rogues are still on top of the arena groups, whether it is 2vs or 3vs3.

Sorry that you are not getting easy kills and you have to work a little bit harder. Before you were able to kill your opponent in stunlock. Use your abilities this time.

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lets forget the sh!tshow that was vanilla, when rolling for gear in raids dictated how good you were.

tbc where resto druids/aff locks where dominant in 2s

wotlk when ret/dk terrorised twos, mages became actual aids because the devs wanted frost to be a viable raid spec. Warriors one shotting people to then be hotfixed days later and becoming the worst pvp class.

need i go on?

PvP is in the best position it’s been in since at least MoP. More participation as M+ and raid participation is falling off. More people hyped on it due to the new gearing mechanics and overall a sense of invigoration within the community.

What you’re complaining about in your post is already being addressed in the upcoming PvP changes. While they might not quite be enough right now, it’s definitely a step in the right direction. As long as the changes are regular and small, instead of class-breaking changes once every 3 months, we should be thankful and happy.

Healing is being addressed this week with changes (-20% WoG for ret/prot) and if your prot is doing more damage than you, that’s on you.

Monks are squishy

Rogues have always had a lot of CC, that’s why you bring them 'cause it sure isn’t for their sustain. Fire burst is being addressed as is their survivability with Triune.

Already being addressed by removing Full Moon from the Convoke rotation in PvP.

What about them? Or are you just complaining that Rets have a damage cooldown that can be CC’d or disarmed, like every other class?

All in all, weak post, done before by many in far more imaginative ways - 5/10


BUFF FERAL bleeds.
BUFF FERAL bleeds.
BUFF FERAL bleeds.
BUFF FERAL bleeds.
BUFF FERAL bleeds.


that just shows how much of a steep decline pvp had over the past expansions.

Last time I really enjoyed PvP on all classes was in MoP when every specc was “OP” and had its use.

Nowadays, half the speccs are dead or middle of the pack atleast, with S tier classes rolling through everything since multiple seasons and expansions.


So the fact that there are 0 MW at 2400+ in 2vs2 and 32 protection is a learn to play issue.


What i think about my own class for arena:

Balance druid’s convoke nerf is not gonna do much i think, as starsurge will proc more often now, not saying that starsurge should be removed from convoke but just removing full moon is not gonna do it. As a melee you’re often to far away to interrupt, so you get one/two shotted.

Feral’s bleeds basicly get outhealed by passive healing, my rip and rake hit for 300 hp each hit… only feral frenzy (45 sec cd) has some good hits as bleed. Outside of berserk’s burst it’s just hoping for fero bite crits to compete with damage of orther teams. I also think it was a mistake to remove their 2nd charge of survival instincts.

Resto could maybe use an extra defensive. They do have the advantage of being able to stealth, their good moblity, and CC a lot so for that reason i could understand that their healing might do a bit under compared to priest/shaman/pala. But just as feral they have very few defensive cooldowns and can get killed in one stun easy.

About orther classes:

WW monks that are impossible to kite and have to big damage.
Fire mage can kill you in 3 seconds (with combust and no global cd on fire blast).
Prot pala’s offhealing.


hehe no matter how good you are and how high rating you get will not change the fact that the game is unbalanced the design is garbage and alot of people quitting, + majority of community agree with me so what was your point now agian ?

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So far from reading over the Threads, roughly 85% of the people that enjoy the current Season are either Warriors, Paladins, Rogues, Mages, or Monks. Havent seen one DK, Hunter, DH, Warlock say that they enjoy playing PvP atm.

Might be that every season is actually worse than the one before? Its been like this now apart from the last Legion season.

Everyone saying how fine and good PvP is should pick up an Unholy, a Hunter, a DH or a Warlock and try saying it again.


That is why nerfing WoG is not gonna make DKs, Warlocks, DHs and Hunters any better. Those classes need buff.

Problem is not with paladin or mages or monks. Dumbing down other classes to bring balance in PvP never worked before.

They should focus on other classes so those people will onjoy the game as much as other classes.

Who are you ? Where is the data that shows the opinion for majority of people ? Stop talking out of your butt.

Casuals are qutting, because of the itemization. For high end players or someone who enjoys doing M+ dungeons will still stay with the game.

Problem is with the both itemization and how blizzard distribute those items and how the PvP and PvE revolves around stupid ranking mechanics.

Casual BGs are terrible and what you get from those are not even worth it. To be able to do some RGBs you have to prove some nolifer that you have previous experience. You cannot do that with new account, thus you will be stucked where you are.

For PvE aspect of the game, people that are doing M+ dungeons looking for people to carry themselves. 500 RIO leader looking for someone much better than himself to carry him on his +6 key. That is a joke. Some classes don’t even have a place in higher M+ dungeos. So you are doomed if you are playing those.

That is why people are quitting the game. Daily routines doesnt even give you anything usefull. You end up with garbage Covenant epics if you complete the quest line. Raid Finder items are even worse and didnt even introduce it fully. Why should anyone waste time in LFR knowing that you may not even get a single loot.

World Bosses is a joke. I’ve killed them since they were available and didnt get a single loot from them but 35g. And the iLVL of those items are a joke.

Basically you can do random BGs and equip yourself with 197 ilvl gear in 2 to 3 days.

eeeh ? have you read the forums ? its filled with complains if u didnt notice

The forums have always been filled with complaints. So that’s not anything out of the ordinary. In many ways the forums exist as a venue to facilitate complaints by the players.


eeeh then it means the problem have been ignored if it always been like this, it was not like this in classic forums by the way

neither in any other game froum ive been in either by the way

2 months after launch xD

edit* what u doing in pvp forum by theway u dont play pvp jito

ignorance is bliss as they say xD

That’s not what it means at all.

WoW will never be perfect for everyone. There’s no design that is one-size-fits-all.
So complaints are inevitable and constant.
And it’s been that way since Vanilla.

Classic is different because balance changes aren’t part of the experience. People play Classic to re-experience the game as it once was. They don’t play it with the intent of having Blizzard improve upon the PvP balance. Staying true to the source material is the point of the game.

So that’s just completely untrue. But maybe you have never dabbled in other MMORPGs since you make that statement? But take a look at some other PvP forums for other MMORPGs…

PvP - STAR WARS: The Old Republic (swtor.com)

PVP — Guild Wars 2 Forums

PvP (square-enix.com)

Same kinds of complaints. Same kinds of concerns. Players generally have the same criticism across most PvP games. There are no PvP games that support on-going balance adjustments that aren’t subject to a constant influx of complaints. None.

I do.

I would say that to you, but I think it would fall on deaf ears…


well well good post cant argue on that

its like that every season. literally every season.


if u played other specc then shadowpriest u would be 2800+ rating