PvP healer starting out

Hi, I want to try out a PvP Healer again in Shadowlands. I played when it released but went off it, because the pvp gear did not suit me. What has changed gear wise in PvP battlegrounds? Also, which healer would be good in battlegrounds?

for start you need to make a raidframe that is comfortable for you, also for dungeons, 2v2, 3v3
just use the standart blizzard raid frame

if your not playing a priest, then i would recommend you to only show dispellable debuffs since there are many game mechanics around dispelling

dispelling frosttraps, curses etc

you will also need the addon ‘‘BigDebuffs’’ (no configuration needet), it is the key to shadowlands healing and also lets you trade well if you see when a rogue is immune to physical damage / magical damage or how long an enemy paladin has bubble enabled etc

clicking on targets is uncomfortable so you must decide if you want to mouseover heal
( cursor on raidframe no targetting click needet) , or, to scroll through the healthbars

if you want to mouseover heal you need macros for your healing spells

#showtooltip SPELL
/use [@mouseover,help,nodead]SPELL

i also recommend to check the tierlists to see what are the best 3 healer in the current season

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