PvP Hotfixes – April 16


We’re working on a couple of PvP hotfixes that will go live with weekly scheduled maintenance overnight, tonight (16-17th April), in Europe.

  • Resolved an issue that prevented the intended 50% reduction to Azerite Traits in PvP from being applied to Traits found on Engineering helms.

  • The effectiveness of Ward of Envelopment, Mirror of Entwined Fate, and Void Stone in PvP has been reduced by 50% for player characters who are not in a healing specialization.

  • The effectiveness of Diamond-Laced Refracting Prism in PvP has been reduced by 50% for player characters who are not in a tank specialization.

(Jinsk) #2

while these are good changes and we as a pvp community applaud blizzard for them, what is going on with class balance?

There are clear outliers in terms of arena viability like affliction warlocks (who rely too much on deathbolt/darkglare and are at the same time too squichy) and disc priests (who cant compete with other healers mana).

And then some classes who are ahead by quite a bit in terms of survivability like dh/dk/ww while dealing high amounts of sustained damage.

Resto druids throughtput healing is also over the top while resto shamans one is underwelming.

Talking about resto shamans, they are in a weird spot where they have to choose between being unkillable with pack spirit traits or the ability to heal others.

So again, i think the competitive arena scene needs more consideration going foward with further changes to make it slightly more fun to play within current class design and more balanced.

It has been 2 months since last changes and those only affected warlocks and a slight nerf to resto druids, leaving all other specs that were over the top… still over the top.



I mean … these are all fine changes but they honestly change nothing and the game desperatly needs some fresh air, do we honestly have to wait another 12 weeks before any REAL change is done?


Class balance in rpg game is like a false dream, an illuson. Keep it in your mind. The playstyle of all classes have been fully pruned to the ground. No one is enjoying playing his main, especially players whose have been playing since old school content. Also newbies leave the game because the playstyle of classes is boring as hell… They have to balance classes for being playable against others on every content. R.I.P. WoW.


PvP changes? When?