PvP in SL is not enjoyable Change my mind

I played pvp for fun like all the times, but I feel nowadays pvp is that:

  1. Pop All your cds
    → Enemy Pop the cds
  2. Who dies first that win

9.1.5 brought many changes in gears that was awesome. I cant argue with that. But still i Feel you can die under a global CD against MM hunters 2x 30k Aimed, Convoke the spirit in root, Deathbolt, 38k Templars with Resto shaman 36% versa.
I can understand all the time everybody can defending with these spells :smiley: Interrupts, Convoke interrupt fear stun. But you know. Always has a tax that you cannot defend against these spells.

I think shouldnt be exist a spell that can kill you alone. (Convoke and Deathbolt (60k)) how the hell?

Change my mind ty

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Depends on what you play and who you play with really. I find arena so much more enjoyable when I play with my IRL friends or long time wow friends. Nine times out of ten it’s an abysmal experience in LFG full of toxic folk who can never admit a mistake.

This season is my first season ever playing ret pala as an alt and I’d be lying if I said hitting stupidly big numbers on folks with Templar’s V and Judgements wasn’t fun.

Is it good design? Not really. Was it fun for something new to play? Absolutely.

i enjoy it. i agree its not beginner friendly because burst is very high but every class or atleast comb has an answer to that.


don’t mind it but it’s probably the least rewarding and least skilful pvp i’ve played.

I’ve found I enjoy arena a lot more when I’m not against warlocks every 3rd game but still nothing is more annoying to fight than rogue mage

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Play BM, ret or ww.

Oh yaaaaa, playing against rogue mage above 1700 is very…very… i dont know. Sometimes i feel just throw my computer away :smiley:

It feels very unfair doesn’t it? All those rogue mages up there just popping a lot of cds and then restealthing over and over again… I think they seriously need to fix how easy it is to kill someone in a cheap shot bomb when mage has combust or rogue has CDs.


But what you and blizz always seems to forget:

For everyone is having fun because of stupidly big numbers, there is always the counter part who is having the absolute opposite feeling of fun!

It’s a natural law of this design and I don’t know how you think about it, but personally I think that fun that can only come at the expense of others is to be considered bottom drawer!

Game mechanic is toxic in general, it can’t be enjoable. How its looks like:
stun-stun-stun-fear-fear-root-cyclone-cyclone-stun-fear-fear-root-root-stun-stun-stun -…bam-boom-bam - 100 to 0. Cya.

But why?

Its a circus atm.

Some classes are blatently a few steps above others be it when it comes to burst, or defensive capability…or off healing, this isnt going to see changes till we hit a new expansion. Devs are too busy making the company look appealing rather than actually playable

Lel, the only thing that needs to be fixed is how easy it is for rog to get away.
Give shadow duel more counterplay.
Make mages an worth hitting target again, so rog can’t stay away forever while mage just uses the toolbox of Jesus Christ to ditch death all by himself

I personally like pvp a lot. Always have and still do. Meta changes a lot and I like fast paste gameplay.

Thing that’s a real turn off for me is the amount if honor grind. I just stopped doing it at some point.

Pvp to me feels fun, but somehow it does get boring pretty fast. Maybe it’s due to how its designed. Cant really put my finger on it. But what I do know is that I came back to the game after just over a month and I already am leveling a 3th 60 because I get bored so easily.

Well if you read the rest of my post, you’d have seen that I openly said it’s bad design, but I wont lie and say 1 shotting someone isn’t fun.

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