PvP needs Big Rework

Good Evening all,

In my opinion, it’s clear that the whole PvP scene needs a rework. Participation is very low this expansion (SS queue takes 10-20 minutes so don’t blame dead LFG entirely on SS).

Some basic ideas, I’d love to hear others:

  1. Players need more motivation to play as healers. Maybe make their gameplay more fun or give them better PvP rewards for success.

  2. Huge balancing issues resulting in OP classes. There is always a big FOTM class which pumps hard. At lower rating the FOTM comps make it almost impossible to climb for new players. Perhaps reduce the toolkit available for classes in PvP.

  3. Skill gap between Glads and new players. The skill gap is huge, attracting new players to the game and PvP is a big challenge. Perhaps a mentoring system should be made available? Giving PvP mentors extra rewards for playing with new or low rated players.

  4. MMR and rating system needs a rework. This is especially true for solo shuffle. I don’t want rating handed out easily but currently winning games isn’t rewarding enough on the arena ladder, resulting in a lot of ‘Hardstuck’ players.

  5. Tier sets ruining game balance. Yes, tier sets are fun but not everybody has access to them so quickly. Resulting in an unfair advantage and the boosts from the sets are very unbalanced and OP for some classes.

  6. Melee mobility. This is a joke at this point. IMO the only melee with good mobility should be WW monks due to their squishy nature. You’ve buffed their sustain but there is no chance that a monk is sticking in a long fight with DH, DK, warrior, feral, Rogue.

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