Pvp queue time on horde takes too long

Sometimes I have to wait 15 to 20 mins before entering a game, its crazy! Is there a way for blizzard to reduce the waiting time on horde side? Perhaps adding cross faction bgs?

Yeah, by nerfing Shamans.


alliance players just not having fun facing 5 shamans every bg and lose


Que as a Team = Instant Inv

Just wait for the XP boost next week all the FOTM rerollers will reroll a shaman but queue Time will be 1 hour.

You have 2 choices:
1/stay on horde (and play a shaman if you want to be OP) and enjoy 1 hour queues
2/be alliance, no queue but only loses


Overwatch 2 has at most a 6 min wait (tho that is at like 2 in the night)

I suggest that for your PvP fix, WoW is not a PvP game.

Thanks for letting us stay rent free :rofl:

Why do you deserve a slap everrytime you type something ?


People play Alliance to have instant queue, so do the same :slight_smile: .

I want to stay horde, but ye… sucks I have to wait roughly like 20 mins for a bg…

Horde facing 5 paladins don’t have too

Well you could go out in the world and gank while you wait, arathi highlands are good for ganking

exactly it was kind of balanced in phase 1, but then it was decided to buff shamans to be best tanks, one of best ranges and best melle for bgs… results are instant que on one side full of looses and 20min que on other. I guess no tru winner here

This is the reason.
It’s pretty pointless signing up as alliance rn.

I have like 2/10 win rating in AB after shaman buffs… no fun playing the game in this state

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1 hours queues? Deserved.

Playing in alliance is frustrating with overpower shamans while we have wheelchairs paladins. I got exalted in WSG and I don’t plan to set foot in a BG ever again, not even with the alters. Thanks god with STV BB I don´t need to do AB.

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Yep, no one likes to fight an unkillable abomination with 5k hp, super plate armor, doing 1500 crits from range. Qs are going to be longer, my horde boys.

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I don’t play shaman myself, but Im sure shamans will eventually get nerfed soon

The issue lies not in the matchmaking system but in the lack of players queuing for battlegrounds due to severe imbalance. Unless you’re utilising one of the top-tier specs this season, you essentially become an easy target for certain classes to rack up Honor Kills.

Blizzard cannot reasonably expect classes like Warriors to participate in battlegrounds when their damage output is capped at 600 max per global, even under optimal critical hit conditions. Meanwhile, classes like Priests can consistently apply damage over time which is hitting the equivalent to a Warrior’s Mortal Strike every global.

It’s crucial for Blizzard to recognise that Gnomeregan provides only 70 minutes of content each week, leaving the remaining 167 hours largely dedicated to PvP in some form. Until this acknowledgment happens, both the player base and battleground queues will continue to deteriorate. Balancing the game based on a limited amount of weekly content is unsustainable, especially when the remaining time is marred by the repercussions of these adjustments. A notable instance is the impending Paladin buffs scheduled for the 6th. Currently, Paladins stand as one of the top PvP classes in Phase 2, yet they are receiving significant buffs, raising more player concerns about the impact on overall game balance.

Paladins are top in pvp? What are you smoking? In a caster meta it is a deadweight class with no cleanse (av at 42 lvl), no sacrifice (req higher lvl too) and no optimal gear with int and spd added on top of str, stam and crit (FM, AQ40 gear). So you can’t offheal, you have no mobility to force the fight with a caster. You just engage once per 5 mins and you are done.

And they are buffing the pve seal that is not used in pvp mainly.


Only a massive nerf to the shaman class will bring down the queue horde side, the longer they wait, the bigger the queue will become