PvP Tuning - February 6


We’re currently working on some hotfixes for PvP tuning, intended to go live with the next weekly restarts. We’re planning the following changes:


  • Protection
    • Light of the Protector and Hand of the Protector’s healing reduced by 40% when engaged in combat with enemy players.
    • Mana regeneration reduced by 30% when engaged in combat with enemy players.
    • Developers’ Note: With the launch of Tides of Vengeance, the additional healing granted by Hand of the Protector was changed to be based off of the target’s missing health, rather than the Paladin’s missing health. While healing is a core element of Protection Paladin survivability, this has proven to be more effective in PvP than intended. Protection Paladins should feel like they can survive high amounts of damage, and heal their teammates in a pinch, but not provide consistent and sustained healing to their teammates throughout a match.


  • The absorb provided by Diamond-Laced Refracting Prism is now cleared at the start of an Arena or Battleground, and considered a Magic effect for dispels.
  • Bwonsamdi’s Bargain can no longer prevent death while participating in Arenas or Rated Battlegrounds.

Pvp Hotfixes 26 Feb
(Tavil) #2

Bwonsamdii!! We had a deal!


I remember when this used to be an MMORPG.
Now all blizzard wants is the RMP style “E-sport arena”. Sad.
(Prot Paladins are 0.7% of the players that are above 1800 rating)

"CDew to Devs: “Wahh prot pallies!”

Devs to CDew: “We got you fam”


So basically after the 40% nerf to other players in Tides of Vengeance there is yet another 40% blanket nerf? If you don’t want prot speccs to be used in Arena just don’t let them queue but this change is ridiculous. Will it be 56% reduced heal to other players or 80%?


If healing others was the issue than why you nerf light of the protector too? You just destroy prot paladin self heal in pvp! Why can blood dk have tons and tons self heal in pvp? This game is a mess. First you destroy BM Hunter dmg in PvP by over nerfing it and now you destroy prot pally self heals when issue was healing others! My sub ends at 9 days and i will not re-sub when you destroy specs like that.


When a tank can replace a healer spot, it indeed needs a nerf.
Quit whining


Yeah, all these rank 1 prot paladins is a problem…Oh wait there arent any?


Light of the protector can not cast to other players dummy.


Do this looks like CDew to you ?
This vid is made before 8.1 prot broken buffs…
So please …


Veridin and there shouldnt be. Outside RBG.
Prot should have no place in arena. (any class)
Unles they make cary/defend the flag arena …


I think every class and specc should have a place in arena. also that video you linked means nothing- so what if he got 2.2k MMR? that is not even high dude.

And as i said earlier prot paladins is 0.7% of people above 1800 rating, there is no epidemic of Prot Paladins in arena, they are not even in the top10 best comps they are simply just VIABLE which is a good thing.

Let people play the game.


What does have to do with anything I said?


Completely idiotic change.

Your “problem” is that the previous buff made the offhealing too good. (of course, Prot Paladins are now the #1 represented spec in arenas, and not 0.8% of players over 1800 - right?)

The “solution” is to nerf not only the offheal, but the self-heal, and mana regeneration.

You then muse that “Paladin should feel they can survive high amounts of damage”

F-ING HOW?! You just nerfed us into a worse state than we were before the previous buff. We are now squisher than we have been the entire expansion. We have no answer to magic, armour is worthless, one of the lowest health pools among tank specs, and now completely gutted healing - in addition in BGs not being able to use half of our defensive kit as a flag carrier.

Sorry but these devs are dribblers.


But a streamer lost a game to them and whined about it on twitter so obviously it’s more pressing than a single rogue spec being represented at almost 10% of players over 1800. :joy:


Devs are retards… we had no problems with prot paladins… there are classes which seriouslly needs a look…

Ww, ele, fire mage, fury war, destro lock, demon hunter, rogue… they need to be slightly nerfed

And like aff lock, mm hunter, arcane mage, arms warr… needs a slight boost

And dont overboost or over nerf… do like 5%… and if not enouth later you do another couple %…
This are needed changes. obvious one… instead of this you do camera adjustments…