PVP Tuning

Changes look great for a start and make sense.

Nothing on Discipline Priest mana pool which by spell cost is not even at 50% of other healers.
As a Discipline your arena can only last a few minutes.

yeah those changes are a good start but we need more, if we have to wait another 1-2 months for next uppdate i be dissapointed

its the whine threads that did this, not the higher rated git good posts actually pretty funny :slight_smile:

Let’s gooooo we got something and they actually hit the right stuff

yeah maybe because disc deals 200% more dmg than other healers?


You probably mean that for other healer its not even 50%.

That is the trade of for Disc Damage and that almost everything is instant for Disc that he goes oom fast.

Also that they dont come in with a butcher knife anymore.

I don’t think you’d say the same if you were a DH.

monk plz shuusss silent

you trying to correct him and its obviously clear you have no idea what you talking about or what you trying to correct

First sentence he said Disc priest spells arent even costing half of the mana of other healers.

Second sentence he said Disc can only last a few minutes.

So if Disc spells are not even costing 50% of the other healers, how can they then go oom ? “Only” in the second sentence is the important part.

So Maybe you should train your brain.

resto druid will even more tickle with his hots in 2 vs 2 or its will be better for them?
Im gearing rdudu atm, should I give it up?

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Actually this is not the case with disc priest who can play their class above 1400

everyone knows what he meant and u trying to sneak in disc dont need mana regen cause he does more damage, which is not true in many cases, shamans and paladins can easily do same damage without going oom ever

ey rusky did you watch awc? high rated competetive disc priest had to sitt down and drink in every game they was in :slight_smile: paladin needs more nerfs son


Not even close, actually

Do you have any idea how ridiculously strong mindgames is?

do you know its dispelleable ?

actually can your bring statistics on this op damage compared with shamans and paladins during awc ?

why was their a holy paladin in every game by the way ?

clueless kids are adviced to go back to general discussion and talk pet battles

monk, mage, paladin complaining omegalul


Then you missed the part about Priest biggest healing spells are just instant and the greater Mana cost is the trade off.

whatever you say holy paladin in every awc game tho xD you bring this forum down to low iq level

And who will get nerfed on the 27th ?

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you dont even understand what the nerfs does

Offer more counter play to Devine Favor.

Whats the counter play to the spell that lets Disc go OOM so fast ?

Where is the dispel or interrupt chance on Radiance ?

im playing shadowlands, what game are you playing?

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Not your game of being stupid.

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