[Pyrewood VIllage ][A] - 5 players looking for a Raiding guild


We are 5 players from Retail. We are enjoying the good ol times playing TBC and if the gods deem it so WOTLK(my personal fav) aswell so we are in it for the long run.

Atm we have 3x70’s (Holy pala, BM hunter, Fury War)

I am also leveling a mage too if you’d prefer that over a holy pala

2x60+ (Arcane mage at 70 and Ele sham at 70 too)

Our main goal is to get into end game PvE and all have been playing wow for 10+years each. Obviously we have abit of work to do in order to get raiding etc but we are looking to get into a guild now to establish ourselves and get comfortable.

If you are interested in giving us a raiding home message away either here or on discord

Raid times - Best days that works collectively Mon,Thursday or the weekend.

Hey, we currently do end game PVE but need more more members to fill ranks. Got a few socials in the guild too so can help with lvling/gear/attunes. Sent you a friend request - Gumption

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