Pyrewood village

I have 5 Horde characters on a server (pyrewood village) populated 99% by alliance players. it is practically impossible to play, make group, instance, raid, sell or buy at auction. what’s the point of all this?!? when will you decide to do something? I can’t spend 100 euros to transfer my characters to another server.

Unfortunately Customer Support hold no sway at all in decisions regarding Free Transfers. The developers decide that. In this case if a server is 99% Alliance the only help would be offering free transfers for horde TO Pyrewood to try and balance it, not offer you a transfer out as that would only exacerbate the problem.

Blizzard don’t balance realm factions as it’s impossible. They also go by a realms total population not one factions. Try looking for a guild.

If you want to leave then you will have to pay.

I usually see a few thousand horde logged in at busy times.

I see 22k auctions on the horde side.